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I’ll admit the last time I sat down to write this column, I was short on time and short on ideas. Recently I’ve been testing an AI system called ChatGPT to generate text content and see what it does.

It’s an amazing tool, and even more amazing is the way it came to be like natural language. The more specific the prompt, the clearer it can be. And so, I had him write my column for me! Now that column used to be fairly comprehensive, but it’s become something that I can write off the cuff and make it work for my needs.

Fast forward to earlier this week, and I had the opportunity to meet with an AI software integration company working through a local Chamber member, Premier, to not only perform tasks, but to discuss potential solutions for our needs. To make informed decisions when necessary.

The truth is that this world is coming. In the near future, a time will come when the power of our computing power will be closely integrated with business operations so that unique, unique and highly customized marketing will become the norm for large global businesses. I even encourage some of our smaller businesses to start exploring what such tools mean for them as an organization.

Here at Chamber, we’re looking at this type of tool for a few different jobs. First, in our economic development efforts, we are looking for businesses that are expanding AI into new areas by looking at what communications, stock prices, and other data trends have occurred in the months leading up to these announcements. We can market them directly. Then, we’re asking the tool to develop a customized marketing campaign targeted at that business based on what they’re doing now and what they’re likely to do going forward.

Finally, we are asking the forum to search the Internet for contact information for key players and start a service. The goal is to generate a list of qualified leads across an entire set of industries within minutes or hours. Something like this could have taken a team weeks to do, but we have the resources to do it in an instant.

These opportunities exist for many businesses, whether it’s generating leads, making decisions and processing orders, or even customizing marketing strategies. For those who learn the tools and early adopters, the value of this will be great.

When thinking about the future growth of your business or a business idea you may be pursuing, don’t underestimate the value AI can bring to you, your team, and your company’s bottom line. Start small by typing in the question “Marshalltown, Iowa leadership write me a column in 600 words” in chatgpt and see what magic can happen for your organization.


John Hall is the president and CEO

Marshalltown Area Chamber of Commerce.

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