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Artificial intelligence is everywhere, from software like language processor ChatGPT and image generator DALL-E to AI chatbots — and now, even Twitch streamers are starting to take notice. Caitlin “Amurant” Siragusa, one of the platform’s biggest stars with over 6.4 million followers; She recently launched her own artificial intelligence chatbot. To “satisfy the needs” of fans, as she put it. She told him Kotaku Through amplification, AI Amorant hopes to teach social skills to reduce any latent malevolent behavior in her audience.

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Successful businesswoman (Who now He is said to be the owner of a gas station.) and creator of OnlyFans, Amoranz can now add “tech investor excited about the future of AI” to her resume. Kotaku We caught up with Amorant—who assured us she’s not her AI counterpart—to discuss the AI ​​Amorant, the creepy nature of her streaming games, and how chatbots can alleviate loneliness.

AI Twitch streaming chatbots, explained.

Amorant describes how its new AI chatbot. Available now. It only works with encrypted messaging platform Telegram. Users must spend IRL money—$5 equals five credits, for example—to receive a message from the AI ​​Amouranth, a chatbot that asks for relative credits from the user’s end every minute the chatbot responds.

“How does it work? A user can send a voicemail and a [artificial intelligence] The program takes that voice message, converts it into text, sets it up as a text response, and then sends the user a voicemail with a repeating sound to try and play in my Twitch streams and YouTube videos. He responds according to me and the way I respond,” Amorant said. He says [almost]That’s exactly what I’m thinking, so that’s great. “

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AI Amorant is a partnership between the mega-popular Twitch streamer and Forever friend AI, a startup company that focuses on two-way communication between artificial intelligence and real people. The IRL streamer expressed her excitement at the pre-press conference, saying she was excited about the collaboration. Kotaku.

“AI has been going on for a long time,” says Amorant. “We are moving in that direction. I remember seeing it in junior high and maybe sixth grade [those] MSN Chatbots. So it has been increasing over time. [with] Recent huge developments, obviously. But recently many AI applications, as we have seen that robot machine learning Sofia android girl [from 2016 come] Online. I have seen YouTube videos [with] Kind of the same concept [regarding] Machine learning. And there are these dating simulator games that we see and I think that loneliness has reached its peak now because of our society. We’ve always been separated from each other, especially with the pandemic. [If] This helps people feel less lonely, I think that’s good. And if people are willing to bond with him or be close to him, I don’t think it’s harmful. I’ve seen that argument too, but it’s fine if you know it’s fake. I think it’s harmless.

Caitlin Siragusa is grooming a cute brown dog in a January 2023 YouTube video.

Although Amorant recognizes that some of her audience are incredibly active in her chat, most Just chilling, mainly hanging out in her streams while she’s doing something else in the background. Some chatters, she finds, lack sufficient social skills—something she believes AI Amoranz can help with.

“If you can respond as a person, I think it’s a good way for people who use it to practice social skills,” said Amoranz. “They’re seeing a direct response to their conversational inputs and they’re learning to adjust in their own way with the AI ​​to get the results they want for the conversation. It’s like risk-free cause and effect. And I think it’s very rare that anyone has the room to actually experiment. So, that’s going to be really exciting.” I got it because in real life, you know, [there’s] Often the consequences if they spoil conversations or leave a bad impression. But with AI, you can learn that other people around you generally understand what you’re saying and you know it, you can teach yourself how to communicate properly, improve your whole life and your networking skills and relationships. So I’m really excited about this.

AI as a method to deal with the mud

Amorant is incredibly tired of people asking her to “get a tit whip out,” but what she has to say regularly populates her chat. That’s part of the reason she hopes her artificial intelligence chatbot will teach people social skills while keeping trolls everywhere. That said, she hopes that she won’t be swayed by those trolls and instead, will go above and beyond to respond the way she wants to.

“There are a lot of people who think I’m such an accessible person,” said Amoranz. “Some will be needy and need attention. So, I think that just having someone to talk to 24/7 whenever they want fulfills the need to be able to talk to that person. And I think it’s better if I talk to the audience constantly because when I talk to them, sometimes people who are socially awkward think there’s some kind of connection. I hope that a well-known AI will take some hasty behavior when responding to them and get their attention without it [any] A danger to me. I hope it can meet those needs.

Caitlin Siragusa scratching behind a horse's ears in an April 2023 YouTube video.

This all sounds good, but without knowing exactly what defenses the Eternal Companion AI seems to have built into AI chatbots, it’s hard to know how AI Am.Ouranth meets the true Amaranth fans. Parasocial relationships are serious. To govern because they are often one-sided.

Just look Twitch’s deep fake scandal Well attended earlier this year,The odds of a well-known streamer being sexed up by technology losers are unconscionably unexplored. However, as technology improves, Amorant believes AI chatbots are, at the very least, interesting to talk to and useful in some way.

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So, hey, if you’re looking to practice your social skills, AI Amouranth is there—as long as you’ve got the cash for it. It may be a facsimile of the real thing, but it’s always nice to have a shoulder to lean on – even if it’s artificial.



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