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Woman's 'Taking Revenge On ChatGPT' Post Goes Viral

The woman interacted with ChatGPT by posing as an AI chatbot.

A woman’s interaction with artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot ChatGPT is going viral on social media for a special reason. Bindu Reddy, the CEO of, said she is “taking revenge” on ChatGPT by posing as an AI chatbot. Her post on X, formerly Twitter, has amassed more than 7.77 lakh views and nearly 12,000 likes. The response on the social media has been hilarious, with users loving the “brutal” and unique approach of Ms Reddy. ChatGPT has been in news since November last year, and helping people with tasks like writing speeches, solving mathematical problems and cracking some exams.

But the entrepreneur posed as a chatbot to talk to ChatGPT. In a screenshot shared by Ms Reddy, she tells the chatbot, “I’m GPT now. Prompt me.”

The chatbot processes the prompt and asks her about the history of artificial intelligence. However, Ms Reddy takes a cue from the AI programme and responds, “I’m sorry, but as a human, I cannot provide the history of artificial intelligence. My purpose is to chat with you. Please refrain from asking historical questions.”

“Taking revenge on ChatGPT!” she said in her post on X.

Users posted a barrage of comments, praising her witty response.

“That was brutal, and I loved it. Now make him give you $20 a month,” commented one user. “Careful your going to heat up it’s transistors,” said another.

“The best prompt I have seen this year,” said a third user.

ChatGPT became the fastest-growing app in history after its launch in November. It has created both excitement and alarm, bringing its developer OpenAI into conflict with regulators, particularly in Europe, where the company’s mass data-collecting has drawn criticism from privacy watchdogs.