At the end of the year, Americans’ economic outlook is negative. As many continue to say the economy is in bad shape, and nearly twice as many think it will be better next year than they think it will be worse next year. Inflation is difficult for three-quarters, while another 6-in-10 evaluate their personal financial situation negatively.

However, a 53 percent majority is optimistic about the country’s future, a significant increase from 43 percent who were optimistic a year ago. Increases in optimism come from Democrats (+11 points from December 2021) and Republicans (+13 points). Still, Democrats (71%) are more optimistic than Republicans (42%) and independents (40%).

That’s according to a Fox News national survey of registered voters released last Wednesday.

Do you have hope for the future of the country?
(Fox News)

Because Democrats and Republicans have hope for the future of the country.

Because Democrats and Republicans have hope for the future of the country.
(Fox News)

Despite this increased optimism, only 31% are satisfied with the state of the country today, while 68% are dissatisfied. A majority of Democrats (58%) are satisfied, compared to only 11% of Republicans.

The economy is clearly driving this discontent. Voters across the aisle agree that it’s the most important issue facing the country (42% overall, 50% of Republicans, 49% of liberals, and 29% of Democrats).

What is the most important issue in the country?

What is the most important issue in the country?
(Fox News)

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After the economy, Democrats and Republicans differ on what they see as the next most important issues. Immigration and border security is the second most important issue for Republicans (22%), followed by abortion (6%) and crime (6%). A broad second ranking among Democrats includes climate change (14%), guns (13%), abortion (11%), voting rights and electoral integrity (9%), crime (8%), and health care (8%). he said. .

Eight in ten voters (81%) rate the economy negatively, while nearly half (49%) say economic conditions are very poor.

What is your opinion on the state of the economy?

What is your opinion on the state of the economy?
(Fox News)

Three-quarters (74%) report that inflation has caused them financial problems in the past six months – up from 67% who felt that way a year ago – and 58% rate their personal economic situation negatively.

Has inflation caused you problems in the last six months?

Has inflation caused you problems in the last six months?
(Fox News)

Voters see no relief on the horizon, with just 25% expecting the economy to turn around next year and nearly twice as many (48%) thinking it will get worse.

That will add up to a coal mine for the Biden administration this holiday season. Only 26% think the administration’s policies have helped control inflation, while 44% think it has made it worse.

On a personal level, nearly half (46%) say the economic policies of the Biden administration have hurt, while only 16% believe they have helped; Another 35% say the policies won’t make a difference. A year ago, the number was affected by 38%, 17% helped and 43% no difference.

Inflation is President Biden’s worst issue: 30% approve of the job he’s doing (67% disapprove). His ratings on China (33% approve), immigration (35%), the economy (36%) and guns (36%) aren’t much better.

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Four in ten approve of his work on energy policy (40%) and the war in Ukraine (42%).

Overall, 44% approve of the job Biden is doing, while 56% disapprove. That’s slightly worse than last year, when 47% approved and 51% disapproved.

Do you approve of President Biden's performance?

Do you approve of President Biden’s performance?
(Fox News)

“Even though his job approval rating is below 50 percent, there’s some Teflon in Biden,” said Republican pollster Darron Shaw, who polled Fox News with Democrat Chris Anderson. “If you look at what voters say he’s done on the big issues, he must be less popular than he really is. Maybe his ‘been there, done that’ attitude is what people are looking for, even if they express satisfaction with him. Performance.”

Biden isn’t the only one with an endorsement issue. 27% of voters approve of the job Congress is doing, while 67% disapprove.


By a 52-41 percent margin, voters say Biden exceeded his constitutional authority to cancel an estimated $400 billion in student loan debt over 30 years. Republicans (81%) and those over 65 (59%) are the most likely to say he has passed. Democrats (72%) and voters under 45 (56%) think Biden is in power. Independents are 16 points more likely to say the president has overstepped his authority than stayed within his limits (54% versus 38% within his mandate).

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Voters mostly attribute the country’s rising crime rate to a decline in moral values ​​(21%) and the availability of guns (17%). Poor criminal justice (14%), mental health issues (12%), reduced police funding (9%), unemployment (9%), illegal immigration (8%) or the epidemic (7%). Democrats believe that the availability of guns is the main reason for the increase in crime (30%), while Republicans think that it is the breakdown of moral values ​​(24%).

Forty-five percent of voters now believe the coronavirus is completely or mostly under control in the U.S., while 54% say it is somewhat under control. This is a vastly improved view from last December, when only 27% thought it was completely or mostly under control.

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Views on Ukraine’s next steps are mixed, with 29% saying the U.S. should do more in the war with Russia, 26% saying the U.S. should do less, and a 40% majority saying we are doing the right amount. 67 percent think Ukraine will survive the Russian invasion and become an independent country, down from 71 percent in May.

Conducted December 9-12 under the joint direction of Beacon Research (D) and Shaw & Company Research (R), this Fox News poll includes interviews with 1,005 registered voters nationwide, randomly selected from the national voter file, and directly speaking. . Interviews on both landlines and mobile phones. A total sample has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus three percentage points.

Fox News’ Dana Blanton and Victoria Balara contributed to this report.

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