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The children are two years late from school. Inflation is still on the rise. White collar jobs are disappearing as a result of the Fed’s policy reversal. Family finances are a disaster. The medical industry is in turmoil. Confidence in government has never been lower.

Mainstream media have also been hacked. Young people are dying at an unprecedented rate. People are still moving from locked-down states to less accessible ones. Surveillance is everywhere, and so is political persecution. Public health is in dire straits, with drug abuse and obesity all at new records.

Each of these and more continues to fall in response to the outbreak that began in March 2020. And yet here we are 38 months later and we still have no honesty or truth about the experience.

Officials resign, politicians fall from power, lifelong civil servants are relieved of their duties, but they do not cite the Great Disaster as a reason. There is always another reason.

This is the time of the great silence. We’ve all noticed it. The stories in the newspaper say all of the above less than they name the individuals responsible for naming the response to the outbreak.

There may be a Freudian explanation: things are too vivid and too painful for mental processing in recent memory, so we pretend they didn’t happen. A lot of such solutions are in power.

Everyone in the influence knows the rules. Don’t talk about locks. Don’t talk about the duties of the mask. Don’t talk about mandatory vaccinations that have had no benefit and have caused harm and millions of professional casualties.

Don’t talk about the economy. Don’t talk about collateral damage. When the topic comes up, say, “We’ve done the best we can with our knowledge,” even if that’s an obvious lie.

Above all, don’t seek justice.

Where is the National Commission?

There is a document intended to be a Covid “Warren Commission” by old gangs who support lockdowns. It is called Lessons from the Covid War: An Investigation Report.

The authors include Michael Callahan (Massachusetts General Hospital), Gary Edson (former National Security Adviser), Richard Hatchett (Pandemic Preparedness Innovation Coalition), Mark Lipsich (Harvard University), Carter Meacher (Veterans Affairs), and Rajeev Venkaiah. (Formerly Gates Foundation and now Aerium Therapeutics).

If you’ve been following this blog, you probably recognize at least some of the names. 2020 years ago they were pushing lockdowns as a solution to the pandemic. Some deserve credit for planning the pandemic. 2020-2022 was their trial year.

In the process, they became media stars, pushing conformity, denouncing all who disagreed with them as misinformation and disinformation. They were the architects or champions of the coup that replaced representative democracy with quasi-martial law led by an administrative government.

The first sentence of the report is a complaint:

We had to lay the foundation for the National Covid Commission. The Covid Crisis Team was established in 2018. Early in 2021, one year since the outbreak. We thought the US government would soon create or facilitate a commission to study the biggest global crisis of the 21st century. don’t have.

is true. There is no national covid commission. Do you know why? Because they can’t run away from it, not by elites and corrupt citizens.

The anger of the people is very strong. Legislators are inundated with e-mails, phone calls and hate speech on a daily basis. It will be a disaster. An honest commission asks for answers the ruling class is not ready to give. He dies when he arrives at an “official commission” that perpetuates a collection of baloney.

That in itself is a huge victory and a tribute to tireless critics.

We are not harsh enough

Instead, a “Covid Crisis Team” met with funding from the Rockefeller and Charles Koch foundations and slapped down this report. Although it is respected as a divorce by New York Times And The Washington PostIt mostly had no effect.

It is far from attaining the status of being some sort of canonical assessment. It reads like they were on a deadline, fed up, typed a bunch of words and called it a day.

Of course it is whitewashing.

It begins by condemning the US policy response: “Our institutions are not up to the task.” In the United States and internationally, they did not have sufficient practical strategies or capabilities to prevent, warn, protect their communities, or fight in a coordinated way.

Mistakes were made, as they say.

Of course, this frenzy of kvetching is not meant to criticize what Judge Neil Gorsuch calls “the greatest assault on civil liberties in this country’s peacetime history.” They never mention those.

Instead, they concluded, the U.S. should have done more monitoring, locked down sooner (“We believe the U.S. government should have started acting on the Covid war on January 28th”), instead directing more money to this agency and centralizing the center. Response So rogue states like South Dakota and Florida can’t escape centralized authoritarian leaders next time around.

The authors present a series of lessons carefully crafted to be anodyne, bloodless, and more or less true, but ultimately structured to minimize the extremes and destructiveness of what they like and do. The lessons are that we need “roadmaps, not just goals” and more “situational awareness” next time.

There is no new information to be found in the book, unless something is hidden within it that has escaped me. It’s more fun for what it doesn’t say. Some words that never appear in the text: Sweden, ivermectin, ventilators, remdesivir, and myocarditis.

‘Look, locks and orders worked!’

Maybe this gives you a sense of the book and its mission. And on lockdown issues, readers said, “We think all of New England — Massachusetts, Boston, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine — have done relatively well, including their temporary crisis management structures.”

oh really! Boston destroyed thousands of small businesses and tossed out vaccination passports, closed churches, prosecuted people for hosting house parties, and imposed travel restrictions. There is a reason why the authors do not elaborate on such pretentious claims. They are simply unsustainable.

An interesting aspect seems to be a sign of things to come. They threw Anthony Fauci under the bus with a stunning dismissal: “Fauci was vulnerable to some attacks because he tried to cover the water front to brief the press and the public, and sometimes it showed.”

Oh, burn!

“Trump was a collective disease.”

This is very likely in the future. At some point, Fauci was overcome by all the danger. As of March 13, 2020, the entire national security arm of the administration bureaucracy, along with its intelligence partners, will be tasked with taking the fall. Public health people were only there to provide coverage.

Curious about the book’s political bias? “Trump had a comorbidity” was summed up in this passing statement.

Oh, how exalted! How clever! No political bias here!

Perhaps this book by the Covid Crisis Group hopes to be the last word. This will never happen. We are only at the beginning of this. As economic, social, cultural, and political problems mount, it becomes impossible to ignore the incredibly obvious.

Locker masters are influential and well-connected, but they can’t even create their own reality.