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ALBANY, NY (WTEN) – When legal cannabis dispensaries open their doors across the state later this month, a QR code at the door will give consumers peace of mind. The sticker, which will be posted in the windows of legally licensed dispensaries, will show that the business meets state standards. The universal symbol on every item sold will also show that it’s up to the sniffles.

“It’s important for New York cannabis consumers to understand the risks of purchasing untested, illegal products and have the tools to guide them to a safe, legal market that’s ready to open,” said Governor Kathy Hochul. “These tools will help protect public health and strengthen our ability to ensure a fair market for cannabis under our law.”

As stores continue to open through the first quarter of 2023, the state will also release a public education campaign titled “Why Buy Legal in New York” that will explain the benefits of buying legal cannabis instead of illegal products. The campaign will discuss the risks of untested drugs and how these products undermine the goals of the state’s cannabis law.

“The dispensary inspection tool unveiled today by Governor Hochul, coupled with the universal symbol requirements for regulated products, puts us on the right foot,” said Cannabis Control Board Chairman Tremaine Wright. “It is important that consumers know and trust that the new, legal cannabis market offers tested products and follows protocols designed to protect public health. These efforts, combined with strong enforcement, will help build a stable, legal market.”

“We will use every tool available to strengthen the fair, legal adult-use cannabis market we are building, and the dispensary inspection tool Governor Hochul unveiled today is one step in that process,” added Chris Alexander, the office’s executive director. Management of cannabis. “Our enforcement team is increasing its partnerships and intensifying operations from Buffalo to New York City and will continue to do so until these illegal shops and trucks are shut down.”




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