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GSA has announced the per diem rates for federal employees traveling on official business in fiscal year 2024, starting October 1, including an increase from $98 to $107 per day in the standard lodging rate for destinations without specific rates.

The standard “meals and incidental expenses” portion will be unchanged at $59 per day, while the “M&IE” rate for what will be 302 destinations with specific rates will continue to range from $59 to $79 per day. Lodgings rates also vary for those destinations, with rates varying by season in some, as well.

Two destinations will gain specific rates—Huntsville, Ala., and Charles Town, WVa.—while 16 destinations previously with their own rates will move into the standard category. They are: Hammond/Munster/Merrillville, Ind.; Wichita, Kansas; Baton Rouge, La.; Baltimore County, Md.; Frederick, Md.; East Lansing/Lansing, Mich.; Kalamazoo/Battle Creek, Mich.; Eagan/ Burnsville/Mendota Heights, Minn.; Akron, Ohio; Wooster, Ohio; Erie, Pa.; Corpus Christi, Texas; Round Rock, Texas; Appleton, Wisc.; Brookfield/Racine, Wisc.; and Morgantown, W.Va.

The covered areas for specific destinations and the rates are at (note that the fiscal 2023 destinations and rates continue to apply for travel through September 30).

Agencies have the authority to pay actual expenses of up to three times the established per diem rate where rates are not sufficient based on a specific need. The agency decides what may be approved as reimbursement of appropriate expenses incurred for occasional meals or lodging that are determined to be necessary and justified by the circumstances involved.Rates under the lodgings-plus system vary according to where the travel occurs.

Your TDY location determines your maximum per diem reimbursement rate. If you arrive at your lodging location after 12 midnight, you claim lodging cost for the preceding calendar day. If no lodging is required, the applicable M&IE reimbursement rate is the rate for the TDY location.

If lodging is not available at your TDY location, your agency may authorize or approve the maximum per diem rate for the location where lodging is obtained.

Your per diem or actual expense entitlement starts on the day you depart your home, office, or other authorized point and ends on the day you return to your home, office or other authorized point.

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