9 reasons why people cut off financial support from their relatives


“Over the course of about three years, I ended up cutting off my entire family… I decided that I would no longer put up with abuse from my narcissistic mother after dealing with it my whole life. About a year ago. , I was sick. I was in and out of emergency rooms and there was no support or even any acknowledgment that anything was wrong. A close friend of mine helped me through the whole process and we came to the conclusion that I needed to get out of my situation as my physical and mental health was suffering. [by my mother]. I could barely stand that point.”

“My boyfriend let me move in with him, so I got what I could from my possessions and told my mum I was leaving. Of course, he got worse, so he was banned from there and rarely spoke again. had to completely switch banks, find a new job, find all new health and car insurance and a new cell phone plan. While I was still working a minimum wage food service job. I’m not 100% there yet. security, financially or mentally, but I’m definitely a lot better than I was a year ago. I am surrounded by love and support, I have found a chosen family and I no longer live in fear. a big leap and a big risk, but it was worth it in the end.”

– Anonymous



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