A person thinks about their parents’ life after retirement, the Internet reacts

The user learned that his retirement was associated with difficulties.

Many of us spend years imagining what our perfect retirement will look like, whether it’s exploring the world, spending more time with family and friends, painting, gardening, cooking, playing golf, or just taking it easy. However, we tend to overlook how our retired parents react to the same while we dive into work. One user took to social media to share how “mundane” things become big events at that stage in our lives. The user learned that retirement came with its own set of challenges, which shocked many online.

The user, who goes by the name Gabbar, tweeted that he had gone to Lucknow to spend a few days with his parents to see what life was like post-retirement. “I came home to Lucknow to spend a few business days with my parents. Let’s see what retirement life means. Most visits are for special occasions such as festivals, health emergencies, weddings or anniversaries. Weird events where possible. Watch the routine and consume yourself with the busyness it produces on the occasion,” he said.

He added that he came to “participate in the household”. “I came home for no event to watch. To live. To participate in the routine. How the fan mechanic servicing the AC becomes the highlight of the day and is talked about in great detail with the neighbors. Is the service rate correct? What was the problem? he remarked.

“Oh, the power went out, the batteries in the inverter are old now, is mom whining, dad buried his head in a newspaper? The greatest device of arbitrary ignorance. There’s a pressure cooker whistle, it’s very quiet, whistle again. Afternoon is the hardest. The hum of life returns in the evening,” he said.

The user said that he often caught his father “checking his investments and savings” on the phone in the middle of the night. He concluded. “Retirement is hard, like a slow decline.”

Since going viral, the post has garnered more than 5.7 million views and four thousand likes.

“Everyone has to go through this phase,” says the user.

“A quiet life, a home according to their needs, everything moves at a slow pace so they can get on with what they want; it all adds up to a pretty meaningful life for retirees,” says the user.

Another user noted: “Retirement is a word mostly used for fathers. Mothers work forever. Even after retiring from their ‘job’.’

“I agree: However, if one has many interests other than work, retirement may be better. My father is going through the same thing. Although he tries to keep himself busy, it goes nowhere. Your tweet above is beautiful. , I felt like reading a book,” said one person.

“Retirement is difficult if one has no social circle or purpose in life. My 74-year-old father has been busier since his retirement with his college lectures, seminars, senior walks and helping the community. One should keep busy with oneself. to keep the mind and body active,” commented the user.

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