Many suspended postal facilities in extended uncertainty, the report said

The status of many Postal Service facilities that have been shut down for various reasons remains unsettled, despite a policy that calls for decisions on their status within months, the IG report said.

A facility may be suspended due to “a natural disaster, termination of a lease or rental agreement, lack of qualified personnel to operate the office, irreparable or severe damage to the retail facility, or lack of adequate means to protect the retail facility, or; his income. Postal Service policy requires that a post office suspension be resolved by reopening or permanently closing the facility, which is usually completed within 180 to 280 days.”

The report noted, however, that the status of 381 facilities was still unresolved as of last September, despite efforts by the Postal Service to make decisions and despite a request by the Postal Regulatory Commission to resolve suspensions on annual plans. After falling below 600 in 2016-2017, the number has been slightly above or below 400.

The USPS “had no documentation to support its publicly reported plans to address post office suspensions. This was mainly due to changes in the organizational structure of the Postal Service and the responsibilities assigned to the post office suspension process. Additionally, the Postal Service’s system used to track post office suspensions had data reliability issues.”

It said management agreed to recommendations to update its policies, including assigning responsibilities, formally documenting and monitoring plans to address suspensions and improve data in its tracking system.

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