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Recently we told you about a very cool cryptocurrency arbitrage service – ArbitrageScanner. We use it ourselves, shared it with you and received a lot of feedback and positive reviews from those who have used the bot before and from those who decided to buy a subscription after reading our article. 

The special feature of is its ability to track and analyze not only the usual price fluctuations on exchanges, but also the more significant differences between different blockchains. If you haven’t read our very first review, here’s the link. We analyzed how ArbitrageScanner works, showed you step-by-step how to register and configure the bot, and shared with you working cases for cryptocurrency arbitrage.

We followed the updates of the service and saw that they launched a new product for their users – Screener, which allows you to earn from the price difference between exchanges without holding tokens in advance. The principle is very simple: you buy a coin on one exchange and then transfer it to another exchange where the price will be higher. When the coin reaches the second exchange, you sell it and earn on the price difference.

You can make up to 500 trades per day on different coins and increase your capital by x1.5 daily. We believe that this is a great feature for both beginners and experienced traders. In this article, we will go through in detail how to get started with the screener, as well as show some real cases of Arbitrage Scanner users. There are many nuances in the work, like the lifetime of a trade, matching networks, withdrawal commission, openness of withdrawal and other features

Is ArbitrageScanner the best manual bot?

First of all, let’s talk about the main features of the product. From our experience, we can say that this is a really cool service and, by the way, the only scanner that allows you to track arbitrage spreads between 40 blockchains and more than 25 DEX exchanges. You can see spreads on 75+ CEX exchanges at once, and you can add any other platform or token to track by simply writing to support on the website.

Security is one of the most important criteria for any service that deals with users’ money. The big advantage of ArbitrageScanner is that it is a completely manual bot. It is not connected to your capital in any way, works without API requests and does not have access to your funds. 

Remember the numerous cases with automated bots when money disappeared from accounts and project teams mostly justified it with hackers. Automated bots are the safest option if you want to part with your money. That’s why we prefer and recommend that you only use manual bots for your work. 

A recent example of providing APIs even for reading is stealing money. Fraudsters start trading with your account and you are left without money, everyone starts writing about it lately and the case with Binance is far from being the only one.

Another example was with another automated bot that promised 30% per month on arbitrage, but delivered nothing. They have been closed for a long time for withdrawals, but not for deposits.

That is why we chose ArbitrageScanner. The principle of work is organized in such a way that it sends you notifications about rate differences on exchanges in telegram. The bot works without requesting API, which means that all possible risks associated with your funds are absent. All exchanges connected to ArbitrageScanner are verified and safe to use.

Using the service is very simple and can be understood by any user. You set the parameters: the desired exchanges, the percentage of profit and how much (from and to) you need to monitor transactions. You can also create white and black lists of coins. There is also a web version of the project, where you can view transactions and trade on them on the site in table mode.

Other benefits of

  • The only scanner that works with 30 blockchains and supports more than 40 DEX exchanges (including local exchanges in Turkey, Brazil, Korea and other countries).
  • Convenient notification format that you can customize – transaction notifications come every 4 seconds or at other times you choose, as well as the web version of the project.
  • Ability to track any blockchain and any coin
  • Access to free training and a closed community where users share their cases
  • Free arbitrage profitability calculator. If you don’t have a subscription yet, you can calculate your own profit from arbitraging this or that cryptocurrency. It is available on the website.
  • If you buy the PRO plan, you will get the ArbitrageScanner News feature, which will let you know the news earlier than the official sources. The service analyzes news in all Telegram and Twitter channels you are subscribed to and sends you insider information faster than it appears in the news. This feature is available if you purchase the PRO plan.  
  • If you buy the Expert plan or higher, you will get a curator who will help you with any questions you may have, including turnkey bot customization.

The project team is doing everything to meet the needs of its users and make ArbitrageScanner a convenient and feature-rich trading bot that all traders will need. The scanner is an ideal tool for those who want to make money. Now let’s understand how it works in more detail.

Screener in ArbitrageScanner

The principle of operation of the screener is based on the fact that it shows all possible spreads that you set on different exchanges and coins. This tool is perfectly combined with the scanner. You set up the screener, find the exchanges and coins that currently have the largest spreads. You switch to the scanner, set the settings for those exchanges and coins, and the most current spreads are shown to you.

Let’s consider one of the simplest cases, where absolutely every user could earn and get +50% on the deposit.

It was at the time of Arkham (ARKM) coin listing on Binance. There was a news where it was written that there will be a listing of the coin after the launchpad. However, during the first 5 minutes after the listing, the rate will not exceed the level that is ten times the price of the launchpad.

And in the closed chat of clients one of the users sends a photo which shows that at the moment the rate on Bitget and other exchanges is already 0.77$, and on Binance in the first 5 minutes the rate held 0.5$. By the way, this is a great advantage of closed communities – everyone shares the latest news, which they are among the first to know, which gives you a great advantage.

Some people subscribed to these exchanges in advance, so they received notifications from the 1st minute about the 50% price difference. They reacted immediately, bought coins on Binance and transferred them to other exchanges. In the first 2 minutes the price on all exchanges was fixed and it was clear that on Binance there will definitely be growth on the average value on the market. 

All you had to do at that moment was to buy on Binance at $0.5 and sell at $0.8 in 2 minutes. However, there are also those who did not have time, studied the deal for a long time or generally just found out about it now. 

In this case, the client has made money thanks to his subscription and quick reaction to the ArbitrageScanner notifications.

– Customize currency pairs 

– You specify a yield of 15%.

– Turn on notifications in the TG channel and wait for new notifications from the Screener.

The web version is easy enough to set up, so we’ve taken apart the option with sending notifications

The web version is easy enough to set up, so we removed the option to send notifications.

And another cool case with SUI coin where the user earned more than $750 in one round.

The client was briefly farming TUSD and BNB on Binance, where he ended up with 1500 SUI tokens. And with the help of the scanner and arbitrage, he was able to earn $300 on arbitrage in literally 5 minutes. It’s important to note that he had a $69 subscription to ArbitrageScanner, which paid off 4 times.

What did he do? After seeing the difference between the exchanges for the SUI coin, he sold the coin on Binance at 1.60.

And bought on Bybit at 1.10.

With this simple action, the user earned about $750 for one round. If you want to know the exact profit figures, you can use the Profitability Calculator right on the ArbitrageScanner website. For this trade, it shows a profit of $775, which is the actual result of the client.

This is the most classic case that all scanner clients can use. You can also subscribe, choose any coins that will be flipped in the near future and use the bot to track the price difference between exchanges. This is the simplest option, where arbitrageurs make a lot of money.


It is not necessary to mention here that the ArbitrageScanner bot is the best among its analogs and other services for arbitrage, because customer reviews and real cases where users earn and increase their capital speak for us. A manual bot that allows you to track any coin on any exchange. And most importantly – a bot with which your money will always be safe, because Arbitrage Scanner works without API request. It is suitable for both experienced traders and beginners who are just starting to learn arbitrage. 

Don’t forget that the team has developed a training course especially for its users, which is included in the purchase of any plan. And if you purchase the Expert plan, you will be assigned a personal supervisor who will configure the bot for you and answer all your questions about working with the scanner. Make money with ArbitrageScanner and share your results with us.

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