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Amanda Shoffel, General Manager and CCO at Bitstamp UK, sits down for a discussion with FF News about education in the cryptocurrency industry. Amanda gives her insights on the need for education in the cryptocurrency sector and explains why it’s so important for platforms to increase access to provide educational resources for retail investors.

“I think the responsibility for crypto education is really with the entire industry and it’s very much an evolving process and we have a responsibility to explain the industry to retail consumers so they understand the risks. We have responsibilities to explain to regulators to make sure that they understand the business models and the products. I don’t think it’s about any one person in the industry that has primary responsibility, it’s up to all of us.”

“I think we could all do with a little more financial education, on all topics. I think for new investors and people just starting out, the concepts of a spot exchange like Bitstamp are going to be much more fundamental and easier to understand.”



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