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In an interesting revelation, a blog post by the technologist Andy Baio on the 5th of April unearthed that the original white paper of Bitcoin (BTC) was embedded in every modern version of Apple’s macOS operating system. The cryptocurrency industry is always searching for signs of relevance and importance, so when assessing cryptos like Ethereum (ETH) or Dogetti (DETI), it poses the question of what this means and if it means anything at all.

Cryptocurrency’s quest for mainstream acceptance remains an enduring struggle for the industry. But the news that Bitcoin’s white paper has been lurking in plain sight on the operating systems of Apple could be the pendulum-swinger as far as the industry is concerned. Bitcoin is a well-established name but for the rest of the industry, could this mean a growing acceptance? Does Apple’s inclusion of Bitcoin’s white paper signal good things in the future for Ethereum, a widely used coin for its fantastic blockchain technology, or Dogetti (DETI), a new meme-based cryptocurrency that is garnering attention?


Bitcoin Found In Every Modern Version Of Apple’s Mac OS

On the 5th of April, Andy Baio found the original white paper for Bitcoin’s network that had been authored by Satoshi Nakamoto. Baio said that a PDF version of the BTC white paper was included in every copy of MacOS since the release of Mojave in 2018. It was the strangest and most accidental of discoveries as Baio had been attempting to fix his printer and scan a document using a wireless scanner.

Baio used the information to find the file’s location and create easier access to the white paper for others. Baio claimed that the white paper could be found on every version of macOS from Mojave to the current version but not anything that preceded Mojave. He speculated that it might have been included for testing purposes and not end-users.

What Does This Mean For Cryptocurrency?

The temptation to frame this as an endorsement of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by Apple is understandable. It would be a seismic affirmation of cryptocurrency’s importance but this is not necessarily the case. The Bitcoin white paper is available online and has been widely circulated for a long time. Its location within macOS will not necessarily have much of a practical impact such as major price surges.


What Are The Upsides Of It?

Apple’s inclusion of the Bitcoin white paper, however, does highlight a growing mainstream recognition of cryptocurrency. The inclusion of Bitcoin’s white paper in Apple might not result in much practically immediately for crypto investors, but it does highlight that their industry is increasingly gaining a foothold in key sectors.

In the future, could we see crypto like Dogetti (DETI) attaining a similar level of mainstream acceptance? It’s possible that it could happen as cryptocurrency gains popularity. Dogetti (DETI) is a meme coin, a popular subcategory within cryptocurrency, that is a decentralised platform belonging to those who hold its DETI tokens. Basing itself on being run as a family, which it evokes through hilarious mafia literature, Dogetti (DETI) could be one of those that benefit from the growing popularity of cryptocurrency.

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