ETH’s Shanghai Update, BTC’s ‘Stability’ and’s No-Presale Strategy

The crypto market hopes the Fed will end its quantitative tightening policy. The recent bull run in the crypto market was attributed to the Fed stopping its policy of interest hikes. Bitcoin and Ethereum have rallied in reaction to news about interest rate hikes ending.

With banks in the US and Europe in crisis, crypto has seen a resurgence in faith, and its resurgence can be the start of a new financial system. Bitcoin and Ethereum are two of the largest cryptos uniquely positioned to benefit from the transition to a crypto-based financial system.

Ethereum’s long-term prospects are also buoyed by its incoming Shanghai and Capella updates. As Ethereum and Bitcoin consolidate their position, new crypto projects like must introduce innovative solutions to crack the market. may have hit the winning formula. Read on to find out more.

Ethereum Spikes Ahead of Shanghai and Capella Upgrade

Ethereum’s transition into a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism will ensure better speeds and higher power efficiency in the network. The Shanghai hard fork event, which will mark the transition, has spiked the token, and ETH has hit $1900 levels for the first time since August 2022. The upcoming Capella upgrade updating protocol rules in the network has also contributed to the bullish performance of Ethereum.

Market trends around Ethereum point to sustained bullish performance for the token  as staking will bring much-needed efficiency to the network. Costs are also expected to come down with the Shanghai upgrade. These factors make the long-term prospects of Ethereum bright. The investor sentiment around the token is to buy in before the price zooms.

Bitcoin Looks to be the Centre of a New Financial System

The present condition of the financial system is the perfect condition for Bitcoin to execute its original purpose of providing an alternative to the traditional financial system.

The original crypto was created to be an independent, decentralised and transparent medium of exchange. Bitcoin has grown by leaps and bounds, and has survived many market cycles.

Bitcoin was expected to crash in the current banking crisis, but it has rallied instead. The stellar showing by Bitcoin shows its potential to be a stable asset in times of market volatility. The premier crypto shows the potential to belong in the class of safe assets like gold.

Bitcoin has a future of being a good hedge against inflation. Another avenue of growth for Bitcoin is its growing rate of adoption. As it becomes a popular medium of exchange, Bitcoin could surpass the $65,000 peak it set in 2022. The investor sentiment behind the premier crypto is increasingly bullish. has the Formula to Build a Strong Crypto Community is the newest entrant to an already crowded crypto scene. It has found the formula to build a sustainable crypto community as hundreds of cryptos vanish into obscurity. The project has implemented a no-presale strategy. Investors can join the project by signing up on with their email addresses.

Once signed up, users will be mailed the launch date of and will have exclusive access to the tokens. The project has stated that it will launch on Uniswap after hitting a target of 1 million sign-ups. has already registered 3000 members and the frenzy is far from over.

The major drawback of is that it is absolutely free to join a crypto project that could make a million people millionaires. is also a strong asset as it derives its value from its community buying in on its project. Thus, the coin will be resilient to market volatility.

Final Thoughts

Ethereum blockchain’s Shanghai fork and Capella upgrade will complete the transition to proof-of-stake. The network will then provide transactions with better speed and low costs. The network will also be power efficient. With these updates, Ethereum will enhance its investment credentials.

Similarly, Bitcoin’s resilience in the face of the banking crisis shows a glimpse of its future as a safe asset. The premier crypto is bound to challenge the $65,000 peak it had set earlier and be a great investment for the future. is a unique crypto project with no presale policy and resilience to market volatility. The economic conditions of the present make it an asset worth adding to your portfolio. The project could add a million people to the exclusive millionaires club.

You can join the exclusive millionaires club by registering with your email. Sign up now and be among the first to get notified when goes live.

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