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Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Futurama season 11, episode 3!


  • “Futurama” season 11 continues Bender’s character development by referencing his desire to be a folk singer that was first introduced over 10 years ago.
  • Bender gets his own musical number in episode 3 of season 11, fulfilling his wish to be a folk singer and bringing back an old storyline.
  • The inclusion of Bender’s folk singing hobby in season 11 shows the show’s attention to detail and continuity, a good sign for the new episodes.

Bender may not be the most likable character in Futurama, but Futurama season 11 just fulfilled a 10-year-old Bender wish. Bender hasn’t been the main focus of any of Futurama season 11’s episodes so far, with him mostly acting as a comedic supporting character throughout the season’s first three episodes. However, Bender’s character arc has still managed to get some development, with Futurama season 11 subtly continuing a storyline from 10 years ago.

Futurama season 11 is finally out, with the Matt Groening’s beloved animated sci-fi series finally returning on Hulu. Futurama season 11, episode 3, “How the West Was 1010001” is another one of Futurama‘s classic genre parodies, with the series this time tackling westerns. The episode follows the Planet Express crew as they head out west to participate in the Bitcoin Rush, with the gang acting like prospectors, getting in gunfights, and mixing the Old West aesthetic with futuristic technology. While the episode is mostly self-contained, it actually features a major callback to an old Bender storyline.

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Futurama Season 11 Finally Lets Bender Be A Folk Singer

Bender as a country singer with Leela and Fry

Bender isn’t a main character in Futurama season 11, episode 3’s story, but he does have one major song. At one point in the episode, Bender mounts a donkey and gets his own musical number, with him singing an original folk song. This extended scene may seem like nothing more than a random gag, but Bender’s desire to be a folk singer actually goes back over a decade ago.

Futurama season 10, episode 4 “Forty Percent Leadbelly” sees Bender meet a famous folk singer while at a prison, making the robot realize his true calling. Throughout the episode, Bender pursues his dream of becoming a folk singer, with him wearing Western gear and writing original songs. This storyline is concluded by the episode’s end, with Bender’s folk singing not being mentioned in any of the season’s other episodes. However, when season 11, episode 3 released over 10 years later, it finally brought Bender’s odd wish back.

Futurama Season 11’s Continuation Of Old Storylines Continues The Show’s Best Aspect

Futurama season 11 episode 2 Fry and Leela embrace

Bringing back Bender’s passion for folk music may seem strange, but it is actually a good sign for the show’s new season. Futurama‘s meticulous attention to detail is one of the show’s most important aspects, with it managing to develop all of the show’s main characters throughout Futurama‘s 11 seasons. Season 11 including things like Bender’s folk singing hobby shows that the new episodes haven’t forgotten about these old arcs, and this is a good sign for Futurama season 11 going forward.

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Futurama season 11 doesn’t explicitly explain the story of “Forty Percent Leadbelly,” but handling the Bender callback in this way is actually the perfect option. It’s likely that not all Futurama season 11 viewers are completely caught up with the series, meaning that referencing these old, less-popular episodes could be confusing. Dropping in details like Bender’s folk singing strikes a perfect balance, with it being a fun Easter egg for fans who caught up with the series before Futurama season 11.

New episodes of Futurama season 11 release Mondays on Hulu.