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In a significant revelation, a recent study has highlighted that a staggering 6.3 crore women in India have ventured into the world of cryptocurrencies. This data indicates that nearly 1 in every 10 Indian women has taken the plunge into cryptocurrency ownership, positioning the country as a global leader in this emerging trend.

According to statistics from foreign exchange education platform Forex Suggest, this surge in women’s participation in the crypto space amounts to a substantial 9.2 per cent share of the female population, a noteworthy feat considering India’s vast demographic landscape of approximately 685 million women.

Surpassing numerous nations, India stands as the third-highest globally in terms of female cryptocurrency ownership. Vietnam secures the top spot with a remarkable 12 million female crypto owners, constituting a whopping 24 per cent of its female population. The Philippines follows closely in second place, boasting a 9.6 per cent share, translating to nearly 5.5 million female crypto enthusiasts. India securely clinches the third position, with an impressive 10 per cent of its female populace embracing the crypto revolution.

This strong female representation in the cryptocurrency arena has propelled Vietnam to the forefront as the most gender-inclusive crypto market, where local cultural support is evident.

A remarkable observation stemming from the study is the minor 6-percentage-point difference in cryptocurrency ownership between genders in Vietnam. This emphasizes that digital currency accessibility for women is bolstered by the prevailing cultural norms in the country.

Indonesia, securing the second position, reports a wider 14-point disparity between male and female ownership, with males occupying 57 per cent of the crypto market compared to females at 43per cent. Kenya and Colombia emerge in the third spot, each showcasing a 42 per cent female presence among total crypto owners.

India’s crypto landscape also comes into view within this context. The nation ranks eighth in terms of gender balance, with a male-female crypto ownership distribution of 60 per cent and 40 per cent, respectively. This balance is indicative of a steady growth trajectory, although opportunities for bridging the gender gap in crypto ownership remain.





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