Recent Developments In Cryptocurrency: SEC Vs Ripple Lawsuit, Stellar’s Significant Growth, And Big Eyes Coin’s Successful Presale Completion

The crypto industry is currently abuzz with anticipation as the SEC and Ripple legal battle continues. Meanwhile, on the charts, Ripple’s main competitor, Stellar, is experiencing significant gains. The latest addition to the meme coin market, Big Eyes Coin, has just completed its presale and made a final offer to its community. 

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Ripple’s XRP And SEC Legal Dispute: Latest Developments And Updates

In December 2020, Ripple Labs found itself in a legal predicament with the SEC, which sued the company for supposedly selling unregistered securities, which was the beginning of XRP’s legal struggles. Ripple Labs has consistently refuted the allegations, claiming that XRP is simply a digital asset that functions on the Ripple ledger. Despite Ripple Labs’ legal battle with the SEC, there is still a bullish outlook for XRP’s price prediction. At the time of writing, the cryptocurrency’s value had risen by 0.79% over the previous 24 hours. Several experts believe that XRP’s worth could reach new heights if Ripple Labs comes out victorious in the lawsuit. 

In the upcoming years, some even predict that XRP could be valued at $10 or higher. XRP is an attractive investment opportunity for individual investors and financial institutions due to its ability to provide fast and reliable global money transfers, as well as its lower carbon footprint. Additionally, the growing acceptance of digital assets by major financial institutions suggests that cryptocurrencies like XRP could become a mainstream payment method in the future.

Bullish Market Sentiment Surrounds Stellar

In the cryptocurrency world, Ripple’s XRP faces a tough challenge from Stellar Lumens (XLM). Both XRP and XLM aim to provide fast and reliable cross-border payments, but XLM operates on a different ledger. According to The InvestorObserver’s Sentiment Score, XLM has been rated as bullish for the past five days. However, even with this optimistic sentiment, XLM’s current position is precarious, with a $0.102 support level and a $0.105 resistance level. If its momentum decreases, it could face difficulties in maintaining its position. Therefore, XLM’s investors should be cautious, despite the current bullish rating.

Big Eyes Coin Gears Up For Its Upcoming Launch

Big Eyes Coin is quickly becoming a name to watch in the world of cryptocurrency, with an impressive $33.5 million raised in its presale. As the cat-themed meme coin approaches its launch date, it has continued to generate interest among investors and enthusiasts alike. Although the presale concluded on June 3rd, users can still benefit from its user-centric approach before the official launch.

Big Eyes Coin’s appeal lies in its unique benefits, setting it apart from other coins in the market. For instance, it offers a rare exemption from buying and selling taxes on all transactions and an 80% supply liquidity lock for two years after launch day. This feature ensures that there is a stable supply of coins, which could contribute to maintaining the coin’s value in the market.

Additionally, the Lootbox feature is a major draw for users. Purchasing these boxes could result in rewards that are equal to or greater than the price of the box itself. Recently, the platform added a card collection feature that can be minted as NFTs, enhancing its value even further.

Big Eyes Coin is committed to giving back to its community, which is why it is offering a last-minute opportunity for users to earn a 300% bonus on purchases of BIG or Lootboxes using the code END300. The team behind Big Eyes Coin has put in a lot of effort to make the platform unique and user-friendly, and this bonus is their way of thanking their supporters. Overall, Big Eyes Coin has a lot to offer and is definitely worth watching as it prepares for its launch.

The Last Bite

Although XRP is currently embroiled in a legal dispute with the SEC, its price forecast is still positive, and numerous cryptocurrency experts predict that it has the potential to reach unprecedented levels in the future. Meanwhile, Stellar, which is XRP’s competitor, has experienced bullish trends recently, but the lack of sustained momentum may put its position at risk. 

On the other hand, the upcoming release of Big Eyes Coin has generated considerable interest due to its innovative and user-friendly approach, which offers several enticing prospects for investors. Big Eyes Coin’s current strategy indicates that it is well-positioned to succeed in the market and should be considered a potentially profitable investment opportunity.

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