The Next Cryptocurrency To Explode in 2023: Best 7 Options

The crypto market is a highly volatile place. One second, it’s blossoming, and the next second it’s drooping. Many argue that investing in such an ambiguous sector is nothing more than embarking on a fool’s errand. However, if we look at it a certain way, a lot can be gained from this sector. 

Many investors have made huge fortunes by investing money into Cryptocurrencies that exploded overnight. If you are seeking the best cryptocurrencies to buy, this article is for you. We have compiled a list of the top 7 cryptocurrencies with a great chance of exploding this year. 

Before talking about them in great detail, let us first go through their names:

1. DigiToads (TOADS):

Bitcoin and specific altcoins ruled the crypto world up until 2013. This authority was brought to an end when the first meme-coin was deployed in 2013. Since then, countless meme-coin have been launched, but only a few have had an impact. 

2023 will be remembered as the “year of meme-coins” for a pre-eminent cryptocurrency that has recently entered crypto. 

DigiToads is an ultimate, toad-themed meme cryptocurrency that intends to revolutionize the crypto sector with its innovations. The firm offers sublime play-to-earn (P2E) and stake-to-earn utilities in its cosy metaverse called “The Swamp”. 

Mascot Meme Contest:

As opposed to the crypto firms with pre-decided mascots, DigiToads gives users a chance to design the mascot.

The firm will host a competition where community members will be asked to create a mascot resembling the TOAD NFTs. Whoever comes up with the best design will receive enticing rewards. 

Trading Competitions:

DigiToads plans to hold monthly trading competitions, winners of which will receive a Platinum Toad. The Platinum Toad will open up new doors for its holders. Winners of these competitions will have access to 1/12th of the treasury and the right to execute trades on the firm’s behalf. 

For every trade they make, the community traders will receive a 10% profit. This incentive will help ensure responsible individuals trade enthusiastically and maintain the treasury well maintained.              

NFT Staking Pool:

Like all significant cryptocurrency firms, DigiToads offers passive earning opportunities. Individuals can stake their TOAD NFTs and receive TOADS tokens in their wallets. The staking rewards are released from the NFT staking pools. These pools are maintained from the tax collected on each transaction. 


The DigiToads treasury is utilized primarily for the following 4 things:

  • Maintaining the NFT staking pool 
  • To fund any developmental projects on the DigiToads roadmap 
  • Keep the liquidity up to the desired levels
  • To ensure the seamless functioning of the firm’s deflationary model

Toad Economics (Tokenomics):

 TOADS have a fixed total supply of 585 million. The initial token allocation is as follows:

  • 69.29% for presale and community bonuses 
  • 13.16% for Project Launch, Public Releases, Liquidity pool, and Misc
  • 7.29% for Prizes
  • 5.2% for development 
  • 5% for team tokens 

Each transaction on the DigiToads platform has a 7% tax. The tax collected is utilized as follows:

  • 2% for token burn
  • 2% for NFT staking pool
  • 1% for liquidity 
  • 2% for treasury


DigiToads is an excellent opportunity for capitalists to make big bucks by purchasing TOADS tokens in the presale. The ongoing Lilypad 4 stage of the presale is offering the token for a mere 0.02 USD and is about to end anytime now. The next stage will have a slightly higher token price of 0.024 USD. So hurry up and grab yours now. 

DigiToads caters well to investor concerns. The foremost concern that lingers in an individual’s mind when buying assets is the safety of their investment. DigiToads has undergone been audited by the renowned auditing firm, Coinsult. The audit strengthens investor confidence who wish to invest in DigiToads. 

DigiToads is a firm that does not restrict its users in any way. For this reason, the presale is not followed by a vesting period. As soon as the presale ends, users can claim their purchases and start trading instantly. 

Individuals looking to buy the TOADS token in the presale can choose from various payment options. The firm accepts payments in BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, USDT, USDC, BUSD, BNB, DOGE, SSOL, TRXSHIB, DAI, and DASH.  

Are you planning on purchasing TOADS? Hurry up and avail yourself of the “STAGE 4” promo code to secure a 15% bonus! 

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2. Fight Out (FGHT):

One of the biggest challenges that most people face at one point or another is having a good physique. Remaining in good shape can sometimes be very difficult. People need to gain more enthusiasm in the middle of their transformation journey. The diminished passion may be due to a need for more incentives.   

Blockchain technology and many Web 3.0 firms are coming up with solutions to this problem. One great way they have attempted to manage this hassle is by coming up with a move-to-earn system that rewards people for completing their fitness tasks. 

Fight Out works in close association with prominent boxers, athletes and personal trainers. These individuals serve as a guide for people who are motivated to keep their health in check. For each completed task, users get rewarded with REPS tokens which can be used to purchase fitness courses and necessities. The REPS token can also be converted to FGHT or fiat currency and cashed out.

3. Love Hate Inu (LHINU):

This superlative cryptocurrency has had one of the best presales in history. What makes it so unique? The firm revolutionizes the crypto industry by introducing its vote-to-earn feature. An individual can earn rewards by simply participating in polls and voicing their opinions on important decisions. The polls have unique topics ranging from entertainment to politics and much more. 

LHINU is currently in its 8th stage of presale and is projected to offer an ROI of as high as 60%. Although LHINU falls under the meme-coin category, the countless utilities it creates make it a suitable crypto to buy for the long term. 

To participate in the polls, members will have to stake their LHINU tokens for a minimum time of 30 days. The longer individuals stake their tokens, the more influential they become. Love Hate Inu has reserved 10% of the total supply for community rewards. The remaining 90% of the token supply has been floated into the market for purchase in presale.           

4. Tamadoge (TAMA):

Tamadoge is one of the best coins to invest in right now. What is so unique about this coin? The firm will release a series of arcade games on the Tamaverse. The first of these will be called “Enter the Tamaverse”. Tamadoge will enhance the user experience by incorporating augmented reality in these games and adding play-to-earn features. Moreover, the Tamaverse will serve as a platform where activities like exploring, breeding, and minting of NFTs will be carried out. Players will also get a chance to interact with fellow players.

5. RobotEra (TARO):

Countless new metaverse has popped up in the last few years. Each new company is trying harder than before to come up with something innovative. RobotEra has succeeded in coming up with the most alluring metaverse platform. 

Here, users can own real estate, trade in digital assets, and play games. A notable thing about RobotEra metaverse is that it allows people without the slightest knowledge about coding to create enticing new games. 

Experts predict that the TARO coin will witness exponential price growth. Therefore, buying the token at this stage is a wise choice when it is in presale. 

6. Gala (GALA):

Blockchain gaming has taken a huge upward turn with the advent of this ERC 20 token. The token was explicitly created to power the Gala gaming ecosystem. It is a multi-utility token used as a medium of exchange between users and to purchase gaming equipment. Users can utilize the Gala marketplace to exchange assets used in the games. NFT assets in the Gala ecosystem are compatible with the games as well. 

7. Ethereum (ETH):

When the conversation is about the best cryptocurrencies to invest in, it will be a shame if Ethereum is omitted. It is the number 1 blockchain in terms of the number of users and second in the world by market capitalization.

Ethereum is a decentralized blockchain platform that aids developers in the creation of smart contracts, applications, and exchanges. The latest developments in this state-of-the-art firm hint at a multi-fold increase in its price. 

These first developments include switching the firm to a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. This new consensus mechanism makes Ethereum an environmentally friendly firm with a negligible carbon footprint. Another significant advantage of the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism is that it allows quicker transactions with lower fees. 

Ethereum’s Shanghai upgrade is finally live. An excellent moment for Ethereum holders and validators worldwide. This upgrade permits validators to withdraw their staked tokens within 1 day. Experts have predicted a sudden hike in Ethereum prices following this notable upgrade. Invest now to reap significant returns. 


Investors who wish to coin money can, in a short time, opt for cryptocurrencies that have a high chance of exploding. Among the cryptocurrencies mentioned above, DigiToads and Love Hate Inu have the highest topping predictions.       

For More Information on DigiToads visit the website, join the presale or join the community for regular updates.  


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