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Performing at college festivals is one of the many events that idols are invited to. These college festivals are another opportunity for fans to show their unwavering support for these artists by cheering and singing along to their songs during the event.

Recently, ASP got a lot of attention when they were invited to perform Yonsei University And they took to the stage with their unique vision. However, netizens were surprised to find a huge difference in the crowd’s cheers for the members.

later SM Entertainment Aespa clips are posted on ‘Yonsei Akaraka festival‘ On social media, many netizens have noticed that there are more cute shouts and praises towards Kareena compared to the other members.

The crowd cheered and cheered after Kareena finished her speech, but she remained silent when the other members spoke. Notably, the crowd fell silent when Giselle took the microphone to speak.

K-netizens responded, “It is inevitable that there will be differences in popularity among the group members, but the public should cheer for Gisele, “Karina is very popular”, “Gisele has a lot of beauty”, “She is the best”, “If I were Gisele, I couldn’t hide the expression on my face,” the crowd It’s so polite,” “These people don’t appreciate Giselle’s beauty.” and “Giselle is my favorite.”



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