Alice Rohrwacher’s ‘La Chimera’ received a nine-minute Cannes standing ovation – deadline day

Italian filmmaker Alice Rohwacher La Chimera He absolutely delighted the Cannes Film Festival audience during this afternoon’s competition, receiving a 9-minute standing ovation in the Palais Lumiere theater. For those keeping score, this is the longest running event of the year with Martin Scorsese. Killers of the Flower Moon Played out of competition.

An emotional Rohwacher spoke in Italian and French. Her first comment was “Grazie a tutti” in her mother tongue before she left French, and she said the film was made among her friends. She continued, “This movie couldn’t have been made without everyone here, especially Josh O’Connor.” The two then hugged.

La ChimeraPete Hammond of Deadline wrote in his review, “An adventure, a true and spiritual journey, a love story on many levels, and a film like no other.”

The action centers on the 1980s and deals with the famous Italian tombaroli, a group of grave robbers who aim to make a living by raising the dead and digging up tombs and raiding cemeteries to steal treasures for thousands of years. Old enough to sell them to the fence, especially the mysterious man here called Spartaco.

O’Connor plays an alien on a mission to find the key to perhaps the afterlife so he can reunite with his true love. His unique ability to dig into the past guides his relationship with Tombaroli in another way.

Rohwatcher, who won awards at Cannes for two previous films in 2014 Wonders (Grand Prix) and 2018 Happy as Lazzaro (Screenplay) and this year she was nominated for an Oscar for her live action short Le Pupil, She has made a name for herself, especially by crushing the boys’ club that is the Cannes competition.


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