Best Movies & TV Shows (5/26–29)

The Little Mermaid; Success.
Photo-example: Vulture. Photos: Disney; HBO

Look at all these things. Isn’t it pure? Don’t think your streaming library is complete? Don’t you think I’m the beholder, the beholder who sees everything? Check out this trove – Untold Topics. How many movies can a cineplex hold? He thinks when you look around here Of course, you have seen everything. i have The Little Mermaids and PlatonicAbundant. i have The Kardashians And John Wicka lot of. do you want Success? I have found fulfillment! But who cares? I’m not crazy. I want to see more. – James Grebe

Of course you can Try getting up to go to a movie theater, paying for tickets and popcorn, and watching a sad (and appetizing?) CGI fish before hearing the seagull rap of Awwafina. Or you can burn the animated 1989 original. It’s right there on Disney+. (Hole Bailey looks good!) – James Grebe

➽ Ariel wants to be where the people are, meanwhile in the subjects It’s a great and absurd documentary from Netflix. MerPeople You want to be where the mermaids are.

It’s time to kiss the ring. After four deliciously brutal seasons, Success He is taking the last bow. There are many important questions before the show’s finale, but most importantly: Will Kendall release “L to the OG” part two? – Savannah Salazar

It will be released on Sunday at 9:00 pm

➽ Wistar Royco’s next CEO pick should be a wild card pick. love.

It stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Tobias Menzies can you forgive me, Nicole Holofcener’s latest film with A24. in You hurt my feelings, Louis-Dreyfus and Menzies are Beth and Don, whose marriage is tested after Beth hears her husband’s negative comments on her latest book. Big Joe March and Fredrik Behr rock, if you ask me. -S.S

Gerard Butler and director Rick Roman Waugh team up for the third time with this “Escape from Afghanistan” fighter. Their first collaboration, an asteroid-impact thriller GreenlandIt was surprisingly good (and surprisingly hard!), so Kandahar In the annals of War on Terror movies, it might be a good one, even if it has a good score. – J.G

After 30 years When Harry meets Sally… Asked if men and women could just be friends, the series — created by husband and wife Nick Stoller and Francesca Delbanco, who collaborated on the comedy series College friends – asks more about how a man and a woman can become middle-aged platonic friends after years of conflict. – Jane Chaney

Dating-reality-show addicts Love is blind And now they don’t know where to put all that energy to the successor Ultimatum; It’s a big improvement, as it’s more gay and more cluttered. – Catherine VanArendenck

If you don’t want to keep up with the Kardashians, I won’t force you, but there is something The Kardashians That just makes you want to let loose, grab a glass of wine and lap up the mindless laziness of the fun. This season’s trailer hints at some serious topics, though, from the family’s fallout from Kim’s divorce to Khloé’s ongoing tumultuous relationship with Tristan Thompson, and yes, it continues to explore Kim and Kourtney’s beef again. -S.S

Six years have passed since Sarah Silverman’s last special in 2017 piece of dust, It aired on Netflix. Have things changed since then, or are things pretty much the same? Silverman jokes in the trailer for the special Still Nazis, so maybe times haven’t changed that much. You should have some relief! – J.G

Stream on Saturday High

Think about it Yellow jacketsThe season-two finale (which will be ready to air on Friday before the online premiere on Sunday, so as not to compete with it Success), as a sweet but sometimes uneven season with a happy ending. Of course it is Yellow jackets, Showtime’s teenage football team turned into a Donner Party series, the sweetest possibly featuring human flesh. – J.G

➽ This week looks like college graduation season on television, because there are at least three others. Big TV finale Queue this week.

Yes, it’s time to watch again. John Wick 4. The ass-kicking, bone-breaking, fire-shooting, and falling-down-the-stairs stomping character (played wonderfully by Keanu Reeves) is having his final fight through the streets of Paris, and it’s awesome. If you want to do a marathon, the first three John Wick Movies are currently streaming on Freevi. -S.S

I have a friend who loudly proclaims what he thinks Barbie He does bad things. He is betting that he will deliver the bomb. He saw this trailer, and now he’s freaking out. Check out Ryan “Ken” Gosling’s mugshot! This movie is going to be huge! – J.G

➽ More about Halle Bailey in this trailer Purple color?

The call-Pedro-Daddy thing should probably take a beating… except You are Kieran Culkin. -S.S

This is the song of the summer, folks. Paired with a flashy video featuring smooth dance moves; Dua Lipa rocks and shakes in a Barbie-pink ensemble. And directed by Greta Gerwig herself. (This Barbie has a cameo!) -S.S

Beyoncé’s “America’s Got a Troubled” dramedy with Nicole Kidman filming her AMC commercial and no one else (besides me and Betty Squires!) crying over HBO Max’s purple glow of heartbreak feels so good. This hill.

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