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BTS‘s V recently announced his highly-anticipated debut solo album Layover. As expected, ARMYs are loving it already! Check out some fan reactions to the concept, photos, and more below.

1. V is making fan edits come to life.

ARMYs are way too good at accidentally predicting the future.

2. BTS’s V and TXT’s Beomgyu 🤝 This hairstyle

They do it best!

3. Is that what we think it is?

V may have a new piercing to show us.

4. 90s kids will appreciate the aesthetic he chose.

It’s bringing back all the feels.

5. The meaning of “Layover” is deep.

Try not to cry challenge: Failed.

6. This is Yeontan’s world and we’re just living in it.

He’s the ultimate weapon…

…and clearly, the artist.

7. There are so many past connections.

Take a walk down memory lane with these examples provided by ARMY.

8. BIGHIT is always testing us.

At least we got V’s album out of it.

9. His iconic signature features a bleeding nose.

It’s certifiably V’s style.

10. The details of the photobook show how hard he worked.

Did you notice this photo of him swimming?

11. Two words: His gaze.

He’s absolutely stunning.

12. Name a more Taehyung moment.

We’ll wait.

13. He totally spoiled a song title and no one realized.

He’s so clever!

14. We are loving every moment of his promotions already.

Get ready to feast!

15. Do you see the resemblance?

V is serving animated character beauty.

16. There’s always emphasis on “V.”

It’s genius!

17. All of his ideas came from the heart.

He’s so creative.

18. We thought it looked familiar.

Real ARMY remember this!

19. One last look at all of the beautiful concepts he’s shown so far.

We can’t wait for the albums release on September 8th!