BTS’ Jin received an unauthorized vaccination from a military nurse

The nurse is said to have sneaked into the training center where he was stationed in mid-January.

BTS member Jin received an unauthorized visit from a military nurse who administered the vaccine in mid-January, according to a report from Beta News.

The nurse is said to have left her room without permission at the 28th Division and sneaked into Yeonchon Rifles’ 5th Division Recruit Training Center – where Jin was at the time – with a medic there. That afternoon, she received a second shot against hemorrhagic fever.

When she returned to her room, the nurse told her colleagues, “Jean is very sick.” Because the nurse did not notify her superior in advance, she was deemed to have violated Article 79 of the Military Criminal Code by leaving the workplace without permission.

Additionally, the nurse is suspected of distributing a large amount of Tylenol to 5th grade from 28th grade supplies after hearing about the shortage. The 28th Division, 5th Division and 5th Corps Military Police reportedly conducted a joint investigation in March.

Gene began his required military service late last year and is currently working as an assistant teacher in 5th grade recruit training.


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