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BTS’ members’ former makeup artist recently recalled how the seven members sacrificed their sleep to practice during their early years to succeed. Read on!

BTS' Members Used To Get Their Make-Up Done While Sleeping As They Practiced During Rest Of The Time
BTS’ Members Used To Get Their Make-Up Done While Sleeping As They Practiced During Rest Of The Time (Photo Credit: IMDb)

The South Korean boy band BTS members are currently at the peak of their careers. Despite their temporary hiatus and Jin and J-Hope getting enlisted for their military training, the K-Pop idols are thriving and how. Well, it is safe to say that this fame, which they enjoy now, did not come overnight. It took a lot of sleepless nights, continuous practice, and extremely hectic schedules for the band to come a long way. Their former makeup artist, who has closely witnessed their journey from the very beginning, opened up about the boy band’s journey and their early years in the music industry.

The boy band started off with seven members: RM, Jin, Jimin, Suga, J-Hope, Jungkook, and V. After training for a few years, the group debuted in 2013 and recently celebrated their 10-year anniversary.

BTS has broken dozens of records since its debut and has scripted history with its quirky dance moves and upbeat tracks. While their dance moves are always in perfect sync, it is their years of hours-long practice. In a recent interview with Yonhap News, the band’s former makeup artist Han hyun Jae talked about his most memorable moments with the seven K-Pop idols.

During the chat, he recalled how the members sacrificed their sleep to practice and praised their impeccable dedication. He revealed that the band “practiced a lot.” Not only during their work hours but “they practiced after work with little sleep.” Hyun Jae added that the members slept less than how much an ideal adult is advised during their early hours and they came to his shop right after their practice sessions.



The makeup artist added that BTS members got some sleep while sitting in the chair, getting their makeup done. He said, “For the most part, the time they were getting their makeup done was when they got some sleep.” He mentioned how he saw the seven members making their names among the most celebrated K-pop idols of all time. For the unversed, a few members, including Jungkook, began their journey when they were just teenagers.

Meanwhile, Suga has announced he would be getting enlisted for mandatory military service soon and will become the third member after Jin and J-Hope to start his training,

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