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Don’t mistake him for anyone else!

Although only two weeks have passed since then BTSS J-Hope He has started his military enlistment, fans already miss him, and look forward to updates from the idol during his service.

J-Hope (BTS) | Weavers

Recently, a new photo featuring the K-Pop idol was shared online. Even though he showed off a lot of his army, it’s impossible not to miss J-Hope among them for one reason!

J-Hope is far from being the tallest member of BTS – standing at 177cm (or 5’9.5″), his height is V, Jungkook, GeneAnd RM. However, when seen with other men who work with him in the army, he looks gigantic in comparison!

J-Hope (BTS), pointed with an arrow | Pan Nate

Although he is in the back of the men’s line, he is clearly the tallest of all the people in the photo. And fans are finding this very interesting! Some people feel sympathy for the other men in the photo when compared to J-Hope, while others just enjoy the difference in height.

| Pan Nate
  • Debek… He didn’t seem that long on the team.
  • “Wow. How tall are the people in front of him?”
  • “Some of you say he’s not the right size…you should go get your eyes checked.”
  • “So what? Stop comparing the famous to non-famous men who don’t even want to be there. They were designed by the country. They don’t deserve to have their image analyzed like that.”
  • “When this picture first went on Twitter, people were having a hard time looking at J-Hope. The fans were like, ‘He’s the best fit. But they were all looking at the same thing.'”

No matter who J-Hope is with, he’s definitely the sun and he can’t hide from it!

Source: Pan Nate and Pan Choa