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ARMYs are joking about the next guest for BTS Suga‘s online interview show Suchwita.


Suga has had nearly every BTS member guest now. RM, Jimin, Jin, J-Hope, even Suga himself, and most recently, Jungkook all guested to promote solo projects. So, there’s only one member who hasn’t guested yet.

Yesterday, ARMYs spotted proof during Episode 16 of Suchwita, featuring Hwang Minhyun, that V would be the next guest. They pointed out that all the BTS members’ signed bottles at displayed on the shelf in fanchant order with a space open for V’s.

Sure enough, V’s debut solo album Layover was announced later, giving further evidence that he will soon promote and would have to guest on Suchwita. It will release on September 8.

Yet, ARMYs also noticed that V greatly included his dog, Yeontan, in the album. Yeontan is featured in concept photos and inspired the release date.

So, some wonder if we will get another guest on Suchwita.

ARMYs are joking that Layover‘s promotion on Suchwita will consist of Yeontan and perhaps Suga’s dog Holly. Maybe even Jungkook’s dog Bam.

The BTS dogs have made many appearances in movies and shows before. For example, Yeontan in BTS: Burn the Stage, Bam in BTS In the SOOP 2, and J-Hope’s Mickey in j-hope IN THE BOX. So, it seems probable that Yeontan would really join V on Suchwita!