“It’s a dream come true for us”: BLACKPINK beats BLACKPINK as K-Pop band makes history after breaking Spotify charts at Coachella 2023

BlackPin Watch their amazing time as they make history on Coachella music festival. A K-pop group was invited to perform. Coachella music festival On 15 April 2023. The crowd went crazy as Jennie Kim, Jisoo, Lisa and Rose performed some of their hit songs. They started their career with their big hit song Rose poison And with that he lit up the stage Kill this love, Beat it how you like it.And Whistle.

Blackpink is performing at the Coachella music festival.

Other headliners featuring Rosalia were in the lineup. Boygenius, $uicideboy$and Kid LAROI.

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Blackpink became the first K-pop band Coachella music festival

Blackpink is performing at the Coachella music festival.
Blackpink is performing at the Coachella music festival.

In the year In 2019, Blackpink was first seen performing on Coachella After rising to fame with back-to-back hits. This year, the girls made history by becoming the first K-Pop group. Coachella Music Festival. The girls of the K-Pop group wore black and pink glittery outfits for the night. BlackPin They became the most streamed female band on Spotify.

The K-Pop girl group also sang their hit solo songs. Jenny sang. you and meLisa performed MoneyRose killed the stage with her song. He’s goneAnd Jisoo sang FlowerHer latest single. Season Blackpinks The performance clearly showed the excitement and frenzy among fans for the K-Pop group. The girls killed the stage with their amazing performance. BlackPin It was also watched live on YouTube by 2.96 million viewers from around the world.

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Blackpink Rose said it was a dream come true for them. Coachella

    Blackpink at an event
Blackpink at an event

The K-Pop girl group appeared full of vim and vibrancy as it was a pivotal moment in their career. When talking to the public about their performance Coachella Blackpink’s Rose said.

“This is our dream to lead one of the most popular festivals in the world.”

The people were happy after the performance and as per the report. Blackpink The 2023 Coachella performance is being called one of the best acts at the event. Fans of the girl group were looking forward to their performance. Headlining the event as the first K-pop girl group, BlackPin He beat many other bands BTS And little mix.

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The Korean girl group made their debut in 2016 with the song Whistle, which quickly became a huge success. The girls were not only beautiful but also very graceful in their voice and dance moves. In 2018, they sang Dudu-du dudu-du It became the most viewed Korean music video on YouTube. According to reports, they sang Dudu-du dudu-du It was the fastest K-Pop group song to reach 100 million views in 10 days. BlackPin In the year In 2019, she became the first K-pop girl group to appear on the cover of Billboard. BlackPin Their YouTube channel has 20 million subscribers, making them the first K-pop group to reach that milestone.

Source: Korea’s Jeonang Daily


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