LE SSERAFIM, BIGBANG’s Taeyang, TEAN Seventeen, BTS’ V Feature In Non-Drama TV Show List

Korean celebrities appear on TV programs to promote their new projects or to showcase their talents outside of acting. In a recent Good Data Corporation list, these popular stars’ non-drama TV shows got the most buzz.

Very interesting show

JTBC’s sports reality show ‘Win or Nothing’ (Strong Baseball) has received a lot of attention and has been heavily talked about by Good Data Corp. after the finale of Idol’s existence is said to feature ‘Boys Planet’ and ‘Peak Time’. To compile the list, the Corporation collects and analyzes information from a variety of sources, including news reports, blog posts, online communities, videos, and social media releases.

The most amazing TV shows

LE SSERAFIM topped the list of the most talked-about non-drama TV shows about Good Data Corporation after appearing as a full team on Knowing Bros. As a result, ‘Knowing Bros’ came second in the show list. Taeyang from BIGBANG took the second spot on the list for his guest appearance on ‘You Quiz on the Block’, which was seventh on the list.

MBC’s ‘Home Alone’ took third place in the list of shows and got four of the top 10 spots in this week’s list of most watched shows. Code Kunst, Park Na Rae, Woo Do Hwan and Kim Dae Ho took fourth, fifth, sixth and ninth places.

Meanwhile, Seventeen is ranked eighth on the show’s list with an appearance on ‘Awesome Saturday’. BTS’s V jumped the charts and is fifth on the list of shows to take the tenth spot to appear on ‘Jinny’s Kitchen’.

A very remarkable scene follows.

  1. JTBC ‘Win or Nothing’ (The Strongest Baseball)
  2. JTBC ‘Know Bros’ (Ask Us Anything)
  3. MBC ‘Home Alone’ (I Live Alone)
  4. ENA PLAY/SBS Plus ‘I Am Solo’
  5. TVN’s ‘Genie’s Kitchen’
  6. MBC’s ‘Fantasy Boys’
  7. tvN’s ‘You Quiz on the Block’
  8. tvN’s ‘Awesome Saturday’
  9. SBS ‘Animal Farm’
  10. KBS2 ‘Entertainment-Staurant’

Meanwhile, these are the best non-drama TV shows:

  1. LE SSERAFIM (Knowing Bros)
  2. BIGBANG’s Taeyang (You Quiz on the Block)
  3. Shin Dong Yup (Animal Farm)
  4. Code Kunst (Home Only)
  5. Park Na Rae (Home Only)
  6. Woo Do Huan (Home Only)
  7. Kim Sung Gyun (Win or Nothing)
  8. Seventeen (Fantastic Saturday)
  9. Kim Dae Ho (Home Only)
  10. BTS’V (Genie’s Kitchen)

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