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The film world is abuzz as Zack Snyder, the visionary behind DC’s ensemble films and the heart-pounding Army of the Dead franchise, gives enthusiasts a little sneak peek into the cosmos. Ahead of the fervently awaited trailer release for his epic space opera, Rebel Moon, Snyder stokes the flames of excitement with a tantalizing behind-the-scenes photo on his social media.

Captured in this candid snapshot shared via X (formerly Twitter), we see the acclaimed director alongside an unidentified individual, deeply engrossed in what many believe to be a scene from the upcoming trailer. With a caption indicating he’s “adding the final touches,” Snyder’s excitement seems palpable. Adding to the anticipation, Gamescom 2023 in Cologne, Germany – Europe’s top video gaming convention from August 23rd to 27th – is where the trailer will be premiered. The timing suggests fans are merely days away from being thrust into the world of Rebel Moon.

Earlier this year, Netflix unveiled a glimpse of this cosmic tale by sharing initial footage of Rebel Moon. With a lineup including powerhouses like Sofia Boutella, Djimon Hounsou, cinema legend Anthony Hopkins, Doona Bae, and Ed Skrein, the movie is bound to be a monumental experience. Further fanning the flames of excitement, a special featurette of the film was spotlighted at the Netflix TUDUM fan event in São Paulo, Brazil. All these tidbits affirm that Rebel Moon has been a monumental project for Snyder. And if that wasn’t evident enough, news that filming wrapped up last December and he’s been meticulously working on post-production ever since surely does.

Here’s a tidbit that might surprise many: Rebel Moon‘s conceptual origin was as a Star Wars film pitched by Snyder to Lucasfilm. Following Disney’s 2012 acquisition of Lucasfilm, the original idea went through a thorough revamp. Today, it stands as a cornerstone for a new cinematic universe, under the auspices of Netflix. This universe is set to feature an expansive roster of projects, extending beyond the two slated Rebel Moon movies. An R-rated director’s cut is also in the pipeline, as divulged by recording mixer Andy Koyama earlier this year.

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Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon Unveils a Universe of Intrigue

The cast of Rebel Moon

At the heart of Rebel Moon’s sprawling narrative is the moon of Veldt, imperiled by the malevolent Imperium forces under the aegis of the Mother World’s corrupt regime. Kora, a character brought to life by Boutella, is on a quest for redemption after her previous association with the Imperium. Her journey involves rallying warriors from across the cosmos to challenge the oppressive might of the Mother World. Snyder’s imaginative prowess is evident in this grand saga, which seems poised to offer a novel cinematic experience.

While the title might suggest otherwise, Snyder recently shared an intriguing revelation: the film won’t visually introduce audiences to the Rebel Moon. This suggests a more abstract, perhaps metaphorical representation, which is bound to pique curiosity further. To acclimate fans, he has been dropping insights into the characters, including comprehensive glimpses of Kora and Charlie Hunnam’s portrayal of Kai.

The universe of Rebel Moon is set to expand across our screens via Netflix on December 22nd. A select theatrical experience is also on the cards. Prepare to journey into the stars with Snyder’s latest magnum opus.