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The world of K-Pop and beauty pageantry have come together in a spectacular collision.

In a surprising twist of events, the world of K-Pop and beauty pageantry have come together in a spectacular collision. Park Seyeon, more popularly known by her stage name Seyeon, is not only a familiar name in the fourth-generation K-Pop scene but is now a dazzling contender for the 2023 Miss Universe Korea crown.

Seyeon | @beaute_yeon/Instagram

Seyeon has been an up-and-coming 4th generation star as maknae of the K-Pop group PURPLEBECK ever since their debut in 2019. Launched under Majesty Entertainment, the group made its official debut with the single album Crystal Ball and title track of the same name.

Following her debut, Seyeon had to transition from her school days at Hanlim Multi Arts School — from which she graduated in February 2020 — to the effervescent stages of K-Pop. With PURPLEBECK’s comebacks, namely Dream Line in 2019 and Starry Night in 2020, she has continuously proven her mettle as a singer and rapper.

But it seems like the 2001-born idol has more to prove. Seyeon’s unexpected foray into the world of beauty pageants has left many fans both excited and curious. One thing is certain: she’s out to showcase a multifaceted image of herself, breaking the boundaries of just being an idol.

Known for her endearing traits, including her love for cooking and affinity for the colors black, white, and purple, she’s the perfect embodiment of beauty with depth. Her preference for summer, arguably the most vibrant of all seasons, reflects her lively and effervescent personality, making her an ideal fit for the Miss Universe Korea platform.

The PURPLEBECK star currently holds seventh place among the other glamorous competitors. Seyeon’s journey in the competition is far from over, as she is determined to appear in the competition’s final.

PURPLEBECK fans, often known for their unwavering support, are expected to rally behind her in this new endeavor, creating a unique intersection of two vibrant fan bases — K-Pop enthusiasts and pageantry supporters.

| @beaute_yeon/Instagram

Fans and beauty pageant enthusiasts can vote for her on the OHMYSTAR app. Her entry into this pageantry realm speaks volumes about the versatility and adaptability of K-Pop idols, many of whom are breaking traditional molds and venturing into diverse domains.



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