Wingless Angel: BTS’s V pays for medical treatment and makes sure the dog from ‘Genie’s Kitchen’ was taken care of before leaving Mexico.

[UPDATE: This user article is not true, read the clarification here.]

A member of BTS Kim TaehyungAlso known as V, he recently starred in a 10-episode unscripted variety showGenie’s kitchen. The show follows the journey of five Korean stars who run a snack bar in Bacalar, Mexico, including Lee Seo Jin, Jung Yoo Mi, Park Seo Joon, and Choi Woo Shik.

During the show, a stray dog ​​affectionately named Pero by the crew frequently visited the restaurant where the show was filmed. Taehyung spends most of his free time playing with him.

After the show, a Mexican fan whose mother works at a Bacalar veterinary clinic shared a touching story.

They revealed that Taehyung personally paid for the pero shots and treatment for the injured palm. In addition, Pero was adopted by one of the Mexican ‘Genie’s Kitchen’ employees and made sure that he received adequate care after leaving Mexico.

The story recalls when Taehyung raised Yeontan in 2017, even though he knew raising him would be a challenge due to the dog’s poor health.

Before adopting Yeontan, Taehyung consulted Kang Hyung WookA professional dog trainer who later appeared on the TV showSomehow he grew up“Taehyung was the most memorable person to meet during the consultation.

Kang Hyung Wook explained, V came into our midst, and I assumed he had a puppy. However, he actually didn’t have one yet and was planning on getting one. He said, ‘What should I do to raise a puppy well?’ he asked me.

“I was a little surprised.” he continued. “Most people who come to see me have complaints or frustrations about their puppies. It’s so cool that he came to learn how to properly raise a puppy. He’s shown that he’s a true pet owner.”

Thanks to Taehyung’s kindness, Yontan and Pero have a loving home. This act is a true reflection of Taehyung’s character and is one of the many reasons why he has so many loyal fans around the world. He was also appreciated when he entertained fans outside the filming site.

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