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8/18 is the last match on Edge’s current WWE deal. 

Coming up on the August 18th Friday Night SmackDown, Edge is taking on Sheamus in singles competition. The match was set up on last week’s program through the two having friendly banter and Edge explaining how Sheamus played a role in his comeback.

Going into the bout, Edge was interviewed by ET Canada. He told the outlet that it is the last match on his current WWE contract. He is not sure if it’ll be his final match or not. He went on to say that when he does wrap his career up, there’s no coming back after this go-round. 

Here’s what I can honestly say, and this isn’t the answer that everybody’s going to want: I truly don’t know. I really, really, with 100 percent truth can say I don’t know (if it’s my final match). And that’s strange for me. But I don’t. I really, really don’t. I’ve put some thought into it, but not a lot. This is the last match on my current contract, so I don’t know. I honestly don’t know. I probably won’t know until I get to the locker room that night and just decompress.

I’m going to be 50 in October. You know, it’s not easy anymore. Before, what I used to just take for granted to be able to do, now there’s a process and there’s a fallout. There’s a lot, you know? And it’s the dream gig, but again, it’s getting really hard. So I don’t know. That’s the most honest answer I can come up with.

This time when I do it though, I’m done. That will be it. There’s no coming back after this one… It’s truly one of those deals that, as cliché as it sounds, [feels] like this is the last scene in a movie. You know, one of those feel-good movies. And it just seems so surreal that I’m living it. I don’t look past it. I truly understand what this is. And, man, it still kind of blows my mind.

Edge’s children, his wife, WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix, childhood friends and longtime trainer will be in attendance in Toronto, Canada for the match.



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