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Ice Cube wants you to know he’s still mad about the Covid vaccine ((nobody wants to get it)In a recent podcast interview, he “refused to get the jab” that is, the vaccine show It cost him $9 million to prevent him from being infected by a virus that killed millions, for which he is still speechless.

Per DifferenceCube recently announced the title Millions of dollars worth of games Podcast, Ref An offer to co-star in a Jack Black comedy Oh hell no He pays $9 million and is pulled after refusing to get a “jab.” “Those motherfuckers wouldn’t give me because I wouldn’t take the shot,” Cub said. “I didn’t accept it. They just won’t give it to me.”

It shows the immunity of cattle, Epidemiology, and causation It’s what we’d expect from one of the key minds behind it. Do we have it yet? Duology, as Cube pointed out, was that since he never had Covid, no one should have expected him to get the vaccine in the first place.. “I don’t need a covid shot, a jab… I never caught that shit. nothing. They are crazy. I didn’t need that grudge.”

Cub’s refusal to take the vaccine was the reason Oh hell noThe production seems to be stalling; the movie It was dropped from Sony’s film schedule in February 2022, and hasn’t been active since. Cube’s own filmography was pretty light during the pandemic, too; He finally appeared in Tracee Ellis Ross and Dakota Johnson’s High note In 2020, and before, Charlie Day in Fist fight In the year “I don’t know how Hollywood feels about me right now,” he said in 2017 as part of the vaccine discussion.


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