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Some idols knew that being a superstar was something they had always wanted to do ever since they opened their eyes, while some had different childhood or teenage dreams before they became trainees and pursued the life of an idol. 

Despite having different dreams before, we are so glad they found their way to becoming idols and filling our lives with happiness.


He wanted to be a music teacher; he even got himself a music teaching license and degree! Non-fans pointed out that it was such a new yet cute dynamic to see Zhang Hao, who is a high school teacher, be in the same group as maknae Yujin, who is a high school student! Imagine being in a group with your teacher!


Another teacher in the group, the group’s leader, wanted to be a counselor or elementary school teacher. He also worked as a dance teacher and backup dancer for a time.

2PM Taecyeon 

He recently revealed on the “Daebak Show,” that he never had ambitions to be an idol. He only auditioned for JYP because he thought, “Why not?” He said if he didn’t become an idol, he probably would have continued his studies and become a doctor.

NMIXX Jiwoo 

She wanted to be a supermarket owner as a kid because she thought that meant she could eat all the snacks and ice cream she wanted. Didn’t we all have that thought? 

Red Velvet Irene

She did not plan to become an idol and instead wanted to be a news broadcaster in high school until she accompanied a friend to an audition.

ASTRO Cha Eunwoo

This perfect-looking man wanted to be a judge, but when Fantagio scouted him, he dropped that dream. Imagine not having THE Cha Eunwoo in the industry? Horrific.

NCT Jaehyun

Before becoming NCT, he initially wanted to design theme parks. There was no exact explanation, but if he went to school in the US, it might be because he played Rollercoaster Tycoon on the school computers and was inspired by that!

SHINee Minho

He wanted to become a professional football player, but his father, who is a former player and a current coach, strongly discouraged him, saying “he just didn’t have the body for it.”


Before becoming one of K-Pop’s best dancers, he initially wanted to be a ballerino, but his father told him he’d buy him a video game console if he auditioned for SM Entertainment.

ATEEZ Hongjoong

The group’s captain initially wanted to become a music producer and had no intent of being an idol. However, after sending a demo to KQ, they reached back out to him and suggested he becomes an idol instead, so they built their trainee program around him to make ATEEZ because he was their first trainee.

Stray Kids I.N. 

He also recently revealed that he wanted to be a kindergarten teacher or a priest as a child. Two very different dreams, but we’re glad you became Stray Kids‘ maknae on top instead!

The Boyz Sunwoo & Eric

These two dreamt of becoming athletes! Sunwoo wanted to be a soccer player, while Eric wanted to be a baseball player.

The Boyz Kevin

Kevin originally went to university to become an elementary school teacher. However, he dropped out to try out to become an idol. Thankfully it worked out perfectly for him!

LOONA Hyunjin

If she had not been in Loona, she said that she’d be a soldier.

aespa Karina

Before taking us to the ‘Next Level,’ she initially wanted to be a flight attendant.

OnlyOneOf KB 

KB wanted to be a police officer but then joined 8D Entertainment with the hopes of becoming a comedian, but now, he’s the group’s rapper.

NCT Jaemin

This man with a heart of gold initially wanted to be a surgeon or doctor because he loves helping others, but then he got scouted by SM Entertainment while volunteering.



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