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Jo In Sung and Han Hyo Joo channeled their married couple vibes for the September issue of ‘Harper’s Bazaar‘ magazine, in light of the recent premiere of their new Disney+ series ‘Moving‘.

During their interview with the magazine, the two stars opened up about what it was like to work with the other, as well as on the unprecedented scale of ‘Moving’ as a new kind of “K-superhero” series. 

First, Jo In Sung said, “Now that we are working on a production together again after getting older and gaining more experience, I am seeing actress Han Hyo Joo in a new light. When I saw Han Hyo Joo’s gaze through the screen, I realized what a great actress I was working with. I mean it wholeheartedly when I say that I am looking forward to what this actress has to show in the next 10 years.”

Han Hyo Joo also expressed her respect toward her co-star, commenting, “I learned that this person pays very close attention to every little detail. He is extremely considerate of his surroundings and is very thoughtful, but he hates being acknowledged for it. He also has a great sense of responsibility as someone who is leading the production, so I felt like I could rely on him. There were many times when I was grateful for his efforts.”

Next, Han Hyo Joo described the challenges that the actors faced while creating the fantastic “superhero” scenes. “For the actors who had to film on wires, it must have taken a great toll. The filming process before the touching up is often not very cool, so we all had to suppress our laughter a lot. We kept on joking, ‘This is how they make those ‘Marvel’ movies’, but there was a certain sense of pride in what we were creating, which was something that has not been done much in Korea.” 

Meanwhile, Jo In Sung and Han Hyo Joo appear in ‘Moving’ as two former intelligence agents, Kim Doo Sik and Lee Mi Hyun, who possess supernatural abilities. 



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