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Megan you stallion’s Former best friend Kelsey Harris testified Wednesday in Tori Lanez’s aggravated assault trial, claiming that Lanz gave her a bombshell taped interview in September before he opened fire on Megan.

Prosecutors played excerpts of the interview when she confirmed that she had given the details three months earlier, but that the damage was “not accurate” and that she was “not being real” that day in order to “protect herself.”

Sitting away from the jury in a Los Angeles courtroom, Harris said she couldn’t remember Lanez threatening her in the SUV, and that she didn’t remember him grabbing the gun or shooting Megan during the July 12 alcohol-fueled fight. , 2020.

In one part of the recording played for jurors, Harris told prosecutors that after Lanz said, “I’m going to shoot you,” he was heard “reaching over to get something” from the SUV’s center console.

Harris, 27, agreed to the statement during a deposition in September, but when Deputy District Attorney Cathy Tha asked her to express her concerns to jurors, she blurted out that “some of the things I said were not accurate.”

“The night was a blur. We were under the influence,” she said on the witness stand.

Prosecutors said Lanez “pointed the gun straight at him but always pointed it in Megan’s direction,” adding that Harris changed course again and did not see the shot.

She said it helped her to remember details of stress, postpartum issues and grief related to the death of a loved one and even focus on the questions that will be examined directly on Wednesday.

Still, she says it’s embarrassing to say she’s the defense that wounded the “Savage” rapper in both legs when she opened fire on Megan during a roadside standoff two years ago.

“I mean, it’s funny. It’s ridiculous,” Harris testified in court in downtown Los Angeles — a day after Megan told jurors she saw Lanez point a gun at her and shoot her.

Harris was expected to be a key witness in the high-profile case because she was the only close eyewitness to the events leading up to the shooting, aside from Meghan herself, confirmed to testify at the trial. During opening statements, prosecutors said they would confirm that Lanez, whose legal name is Daystar Peterson, was the agitator.

She was considered a wild card before the trial because she had been particularly tight-lipped over the past two years and had a relationship with Megan’s ex of seven years.

Criminal defense attorney Daniel A. Nardoni was escorted. The lawyer said Harris plans to assert her Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination. Judge David Hereford held a hearing on the case and ruled that Harris’ concerns were “legitimate.” Prosecutors then said they would “invoke immunity” for her testimony, and she promised to testify.

“I don’t care to be here today,” Harris told the Minutes during her interrogation. She called the hearing an “exciting situation,” saying she was suffering from “anxiety” and dealing with the birth and recent death of a child. “I just don’t want to be here.”

She then took aim at Megan.

“She painted a picture of me betraying me, a bad person, a bad friend, a security money taker. There are a lot of lies,” she testified.

Tha then questions Harris about the other lies. “There were accusations about you shooting Megan?” she asked.

“They were,” Harris replied.

“How do you feel about them?” Ta asked.

“I mean, it’s funny. It’s so funny,” Harris said.

Peterson, 30, sat at the defense table during her testimony. The “Luv” singer has pleaded not guilty to three felony charges of shooting Megan with a semi-automatic 9mm handgun, causing great bodily harm. A loaded, unregistered firearm is concealed in a vehicle; And he discharged a gun with great carelessness.

If he was convicted in 2010 Alone at the prom Because the rapper is a Canadian citizen, he faces up to 22 years and 8 months in prison and deportation.

Dressed in a black ensemble and her hair in a bun, Harris revealed that she and Megan Tori Lanz even met and became friends at Roc Nation in 2020. Megan says he tried to set her up with Tori at first. But then she got Covid and was home in Houston for two or three months. She believes the “dynamic” between Megan and Tori has changed in her absence.

She then opened up about the meeting at Kylie Jenner’s house before the shooting. She said everyone was playing beer pong and “having fun,” but described Megan’s behavior as “drunk” and “a little off.”

Sometime after she moved in, Peterson arrived at the residence. When asked how he was doing, Peterson said, “Tori is doing his thing — being Tori, flirting.”

“Who was he flirting with,” Tha asked.

“He was flirting with Kylie,” she replied.

Once Harris said Megan was ready to leave, the two women drove off with Peterson’s driver, leaving Peterson behind. (When Megan testified Tuesday, she disputed that detail, saying Peterson’s driver refused to leave the property without his client.)

Shortly after she and Megan left Jenner’s house for the first time, Harris told the driver that she had forgotten her “slipper,” and they returned.

Megan said she walked in alone and “there was a fight or something.”

“She went out with Tori very quickly,” she testified. She said, ‘Beach, Kylie said we have to get it out.’ I thought I was confused.”

She said the three then got into Peterson’s Cadillac Escalade with the driver, Jaquan Smith, who all started arguing.

“The internal argument continues,” she said, declining to give details. There was a lot of name calling back and forth between me and Megan, Tori and Megan, Tori and me, Megan and Tori.

Tha Harris asks if she remembers Tori saying something like, “Megan, why don’t you tell your friend about us?”

“Yes ma’am,” she replied. “(Megan) was like, ‘Don’t listen to him. Why are you calling her that?’

Asked how she reacted, Harris said she was “frustrated, confused.” She testified that she and Peterson were close before she contracted Covid and moved to Houston.

“I don’t know what’s going on,” she said. He is saying that they were related, they were related. A debate ensued and will continue. “She and I are arguing about her credibility.”

She said that “a lot of name-calling” ensued, with everyone “slamming each other.” She recalled telling prosecutors that Peterson called the women “dogs” and “hoss.”

Tha then began questioning Harris about a taped interview she had with prosecutors in September.

Do you remember mentioning in this interview (with another prosecutor) and myself that you threatened to shoot me? Ta asked.

“Do I have to answer that?” Harris looking at the judge.

“Yes,” said Judge David Hereford.

“Um, yes ma’am,” she replied, confirming that she had made the claim that Peterson had threatened to shoot her.

“And this was in the car, right?” Ta asked.

“Yes,” she replied.

“What did he do and what did he say?” Ta asked.

“Can I take my 5th?” Harris responded by leaving the stand to speak with her attorney. When she returned, Harris again demanded her right against self-incrimination.

“Why don’t you want to answer that question?” Ta asked.

“I don’t want to be here,” Harris replied.


Harris is due back on the witness stand Thursday.

Updated at 8:16 p.m. to reflect Kelsey Harris’ afternoon testimony



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