A very exhausting adventure series that can be saved in a funny way

There’s a lot more here, including but not limited to a magic trick gone wrong, a pope-related side quest, an algorithmically generated human expiration date, a literal belly-of-the-beast style, and more. Something that explodes when everyone wishes it didn’t happen. “Mrs. Davis” is often too much, but like Best Picture winner “Everything at Once,” the excess hides the lust for power in the human heart.

Like all of Lindelof’s works, “Mrs. Davies” becomes unapologetically spiritual, Simon reconciling the image of the Christian God with an almost world-shaping force, the algorithmic Mrs. Davies. The entire series doubles as a clever nod to the algorithm-driven world, which is ironic (for now) as the show airs on Peacock, where creativity seems to flourish, even if revenue doesn’t. “That’s so stupid,” Simone says in response, about her tenth major revelation, to which another character responds, “Yeah, algorithms are super stupid.”

On one level, that seems to be the point of “Mrs. Davis,” and the show takes an over-the-top path to the conclusion we understand from the beginning. On the other hand, though, “Mrs. Davis” is a challenging continuation of the conversations Lindelof has had with audiences over the years. It’s about exploring what we believe and why, and more importantly, how it helps and hurts us. On that front, at least “Mrs. Davis” succeeds. Either way, this funny, absurd, and sometimes taxing series will tell a story unlike anything you’ve ever seen before—that’s a guarantee of Ms. Davis.

The first four episodes of “Mrs. Davis” will premiere April 20, 2023, exclusively on Peacock, with new episodes airing every Thursday thereafter.



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