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Tony Gilroy talked about how he managed to deliver what fans consider to be the best Star Wars creation since Disney took over.

The Star Wars: Andor TV series is hailed by many fans as the best thing to come out of the franchise since Disney took control.

It provided an unprecedented (at least in film or television) gritty and down-to-earth perspective on Star Wars and raised the bar of quality for other TV shows in the franchise to immeasurable heights.

Arguably the most impressive episode of the entire series is, of course, the season one finale, “Rix Road,” which turned up the drama and intensity of events to eleven and provided a stunning conclusion to the debut season.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, series creator Tony Gilroy revealed the secret to creating the best Star Wars episode to date by combining different elements into an unforgettable blend.

It seems that the key to Andor’s success is its characters, which is perfectly demonstrated in the final episode, as they are all there for a reason.

According to Gilroy, he wasn’t even sure how many of them he wanted to include in the story at first, but once he did, he wanted to see “everybody colliding at the end.”

The characters’ motivations are essential, and “they all represent aspects of the show.

The funeral procession for Maarva also required a lot of effort to develop an entirely new death ritual unique to the culture of Ferrix, in which the ashes of the deceased are pressed into a brick to be placed in the city walls.

Curiously, the use of said brick as a weapon was not originally in the script, as Gilroy was not even present during the filming of the riot sequence.

In an interview, he recalls being quite surprised when he saw it later, saying, “That’s when the moviemaking takes off past the script.”

Fans continue to express their fascination with the series, saying that the difference in quality between Andor and the other Star Wars shows is incredible, making them look like “nostalgia toy commercials.”

They are also quite bummed that season 2 will be the last for the series, wishing they could see more of Cassian’s adventures.

Some fans have even watched season 1 several times because the anticipation is unbearable.

Andor season 2 is expected in August 2024, although it may be delayed due to the ongoing strikes.

Do you also think that Andor is the best Star Wars thing to come out of Disney?

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