The actor admitted he was a fool for turning down this major role.

Henry Winkler revealed he turned down one major movie role. 

The Barry star sat down with CNN where he opened up about his career struggles, and revealed that he turned down the role of Danny Zuko in the musical film, Grease.

While chatting with Chris Wallace, Winkler recalled being concerned about booking another role that had “as much impact as the Fonz,” his long-standing role in the 1974 series, Happy Days.

“How will I know? Will anybody ever ask me? I’m not getting any offers,” he said before Wallace mentioned he was offered to play the part of Danny Zuko before John Travolta. “Are you a damn fool?” Wallace asked to which Winkler replied, “Yes, I am.”

“I only realized years afterward. I thought I’ve played the Fonz, I don’t want to do it again, I’m gonna cement, it has already happened, I’m already typecast,” adding, “I should’ve just shut up and had a really good time making that movie.”

“I go home, I say no and I have a diet Coke. John Travolta goes home, and has done the movie and buys a plane,” he quipped.

The musical film has became a cultural phenomenon, continuing to impact pop culture to this day with theatrical re-releases, reunions, and even a live television production back in 2016.

Despite not taking on the role of the T-Bird leader, Winkler has had a notable career of his own since Grease premiered more than 40 years ago, including roles on
Happy Days, Scream, Waterboy, Parks & Rec, Arrested Development, and now Barry,” he listed. 

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