Italy’s ‘Citadel’ Spyverse Franchise Title Received, Photo – Deadline

The next chapter in the Russo brothers international spy thriller Fortunately It now has the official title and first look photo of Matilda de Angelis as the lead.

City: Diana It was created, manufactured and designed locally in Italy, which closed production earlier this year.

Plot details are not being revealed, but inside is a tease of the new episode. Fortunately The Spyverse franchise premieres with the season 1 finale of Motherhood, which drops today on Prime Video.

With De Angelis, actors City: Diana It includes Lorenzo Servacio, Maurizio Lombardi, Julia Piattone, Tecla Rewton, Daniel Paoloni, Bernhard Schutz and Filippo Negro.

The series comes from ITV Studios’ Cattleya (zero zero) and showrunner and executive producer Gina Gardini, along with Riccardo Tozzi, Marco Chimenz and Giovanni Stabilini will serve as executive producers and Emmanuelle Savoini as co-executive producers. AGBO’s Anthony Russo, Joe Russo, Mike LaRocca, Angela Russo-Ostott, Scott Nemes and David Will (Hunters) on executive production City: Diana And all the series in the world Fortunately the universe. Midnight Radio executive produces. City: Diana And all the series in the world Fortunately the universe.

City: Diana Directed by Arnaldo Catinari and produced by Alessandro Fabri, who is the main writer and co-wrote the series with Ilaria Bernardini, Laura Colella, Gianluca Bernardini and Giordana Mari.

The first series in the Spire Global franchise, the first season covers Citadel agents discovering the identity of the Molecule that brought the agency down into the hands of rival syndicate Manticore. “Betrayals will be revealed and questions will be answered, as the final consequences will create disturbing consequences that will be felt throughout the universe,” according to a Prime Video statement.

City: Diana Available exclusively on Prime Video in over 240 countries and territories worldwide by 2024.

Matilda de Angelis in the Citadel: Diana



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