John Cena, Jason Momoa team up for ‘Killing Break’ at Warner Bros.

Pack your protein powder – John Cena and Jason Momoa are set to star in the gritty new action comedy “Killer Break.”

Warner Bros. has hired a muscular cast for the feature project, with plot details currently under wraps (though we’re guessing it involves the wrong holiday). Sources say the couple met on the set of the upcoming sequel to the “Fast and Furious” franchise and wanted to take their natural chemistry to another film.

Those familiar with the project have compared it to “True Lies,” a fun and exciting adventure. The script for “Killer” was written by Mark and Brian Gunn, and the project is produced by John Rickard and Peter Safran. The film was packaged and produced by Safran at WB’s DC Films division before being acquired by James Gunn.

Momoa is a staple in all things DC, having appeared as Aquaman in several movies. He is set to reprise his role as the king of Atlantis in “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.” Momoa recently starred in another Warner Bros. release, “Dune.” Safran is a producer on “Aquaman.”

Cena appeared in “Suicide Squad” and the HBO Max spinoff “Peacemaker” (his dance sequence in tight whities was a highlight of this or any TV season.) Safran and Gunn were closely involved in everything from Peacemaker Gunn creating the character for Cena and then Spinning By conceiving a bone. Cena will next star in “Freelance,” an upcoming American action-comedy film directed by “Taken’s” Pierre Morel. The vacation spot has been kind to him, as his Hulu debut “Friends on Vacation” was such a hit that a “Friends on Honeymoon” series is currently in development.

Both stars are repped by WME.



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