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Composer John Williams recently confirmed that Lucasfilm is killing multiple endings for Indiana Jones and the Deal of the Fates despite repeated denials from director James Mangold.

Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) in Lucasfilm’s Indiana Jones and the Call of Destiny. ©2022 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. all rights reserved.

YouTube’s Overlord DVD recently shared a clip of him talking about the film to a crowd in Italy, revealing that Lucasfilm plans to shoot another ending for the film.

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Speaking to an audience in Italy, Williams said, “Here are three excerpts from Indiana Jones 5. I felt like we were going to end up with Indiana Jones after four. You know Harrison Ford. You all know who Harrison Ford is. And Harrison is 78 years old, but much younger than me. Well, he said, ‘Oh, if he can make the top five, I’ve got to try to make the last five.’ I thought.

He continued, “So we are in the process of finalizing the film. We may have another ending to shoot and record. Maybe in a few weeks.”

Williams’ comments appear to confirm rumors from the Overlord DVD that suggest Lucasfilm has shot multiple endings for the film. Overlord DVD first reported in June 2021 that there are multiple endings to the film: “Two endings are being considered in this script. I think they are going to shoot both of them. Both endings are told that old Indiana Jones dies at the end of this movie.

“But in one of the rumored endings, the young Indiana Jones dies with the old Indiana Jones, and Phoebe Waller-Bridge steps in as a vulture and picks up the hat and takes his place,” he added.

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This information about the multiple endings was also reported by the Daily Mail, who said a source informed them, “’A handful of different endings are being shot and shown to test audiences. In one, Indy dies, but not before handing the bullwhip to Phoebe’s character.

More recent information from the Overlord DVD indicates that at least six endings were filmed. In a video uploaded in early November, Overlord DVD said, “Of the six endings they’ve tried, we’ve been told the best gets 35% approval from test audiences.

He added: “We’re told Bridge has put his hat on every tip.

The Overlord DVD continues: “My spies say Phoebe Waller-Bridge dons the Indie hat, takes the Indie whip, and in a brave and amazing display of girl power, becomes the best Indie Ever by the end of all six versions.” movie”

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The film’s director James Mangold has denied claims that Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s character will replace Indiana Jones.

In early December, he wrote on Twitter, “One more time. No one is ‘taking over’ or replacing Indy or putting on the hat or being ‘destroyed’ – and it wasn’t in any cut or script – but trolls slide – that’s how they get their clicks. “

James Mangold Twitter

He continued, “And please don’t bore me with pointing out that one wheel is ‘right’. Even a blind scorpion finds a nut now and then. All you have to do is look at photos and interviews and get enough information to make a bad guess about a movie’s plot.

James Mangold Twitter

“The difference between picking holes and other people trying to diminish your feelings about other movies and the politics of the culture war. They push controversial assumptions from ‘sources’ into clickbait. Let it go. The end,” he concluded.

James Mangold Twitter

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As for what Williams’ revelation means about the new ending, the official DVD commented, “If they’re shooting a new ending, they might be reducing Fleabag’s role.” You may be editing out her disrespectful, mean-spirited comments to Indy. A new ending means Disney knows there’s a looming threat on their hands, so we can’t rule out not just a new ending, but a completely different approach to the film.

In fact, he speculates, “they might as well throw in the much-hated time travel angle.”

Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) by Lucasfilm IJ5. ©2022 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. all rights reserved.

What did Williams do when Lucasfilm and Disney confirmed that they were shooting multiple endings for Indiana Jones and the Bells of Destiny?

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