Mark Hamill wants to remake Star Wars Luke Skywalker

The coming of age of CGI was certainly actors of a certain vintage. in vogue Over the past few years, and no franchise has topped the popular computer-generated wizard from Star Wars Saga. But now, it is estimated that the time has come for the most respected star to be put to bed and his use is limited.

Mark HamillHe played Luke Skywalker in six of the nine feature films and the episode The Mandalorian And Boba Fett bookHe’s been talking to Esquire about his career, which — naturally — will be revealed at the time. Star Wars. However, despite appearing in the three most recent feature films – he may return as the ghost of Skywalker’s force in the upcoming film. Daisy Ridley – One of the most talked about moments of recent times is when his younger face is artificially added to another actor’s body (in one convincing way and in another) to bring the young Luke back to life.

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After Luke’s death The Last Jedi, Hamill washed his hands of the series after disagreeing with creative choices. One day, he got a visit Jon Favreau And Dave FiloniThe showrunners b The Mandalorian – He was accompanied by a toy known at the time as “Baby Yoda”. Hamill said he was so impressed that he met the couple, watched their show and agreed to return.

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But when it came to shooting, the act of reverting to young Luke made him a little nervous. Graham Hamilton, The ‘replacement’ that begins works the same way as before and computer magic brings the two together. Hamill didn’t like it. Young Luke’s idea of ​​post-Return of the Jedi Adventures may seem appealing to certain fans and perhaps Disney investors, but the fact of the matter is Hamill doesn’t think it matters. And he still doesn’t believe he should be the one playing Luke Skywalker if they do.

“It’s unusual to see yourself like that. It can’t be cheap. People say, ‘Oh, now you can do a whole Luke series post.’Return of the Jedi. I said I don’t think so. They don’t need to tell these stories in the first place, but if they do, they can get an age-appropriate actor.”

About returning to play an older Luke? Well, as Ray’s mentor, it would make sense. But on that subject, Hamill goes from opinionated to corporate on a dime. “One thing you learn working for Lucafilm: everything is confidential,” he says. “It’s all confidential. So I couldn’t tell you if I was involved. And I couldn’t tell you if I wasn’t involved. So, I don’t know. We’ll figure it out. I guess they all know together.


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