Oppenheimer Starr presented the questions of hatred with Harrison Ford

Oppenheimer Star Josh Harnett says he and Harrison Ford have never had a falling out. The two actors appeared together Hollywood Murder, a 2003 comedy revolving around the misadventures of two LA detectives. The film grossed a little over $50 million on a $75 million budget, which was a major disappointment for both actors. It was also reported that a fight broke out between Harnett and Ford. Two decades after the film’s release, the actor denied reports of the fight.

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In an interview with The independent, Harnett revealed that he and Ford never clashed as reports say. Instead, the actor believes the comments were taken out of context. Check out his quote below:

Drama especially sold newspapers at that time. But we got along really well. There were things we disagreed on as far as preparation went. [the script], and a lot of rewriting happened. But ‘they don’t get along!’ It has been mistranslated. It was definitely not a tense set. I think I called it ‘the bane of my existence’ when we were on the press tour for that film, but that was because he was constantly drawing me in. And that’s just his way.”

Hollywood’s biggest feud is starting to cool down.

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with Oppenheimer Along the way, Harnett has a chance to talk about his nemesis, but Ford and Harnett aren’t the only actors explaining exaggerated conflicts. Major conflicts that seem to have completely led the way for Hollywood are beginning to be re-examined and re-examined. The feud between Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel appears to be over after Johnson returns to his old self. fast and furious Franchise, despite promising never to be seen again with Diesel.

In addition, this was the second Hollywood conflict involving Ford. Ford recently revealed that his fight with Brad Pitt was a misunderstanding and that he deeply respects the other actor. This comes after more than 25 years of a stressful production cycle. The devil’s own It created a huge argument between the two stars. Even Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman’s satellite skirmish has led to an uptick in the upcoming blockbuster. Pool of Death 3where the two actors act together.

There is good reason to ease the tension in Hollywood. While not every feud is getting close, many are fading as the years go by. Thankfully, Harnett had a chance to talk about the misunderstanding when he introduced it. OppenheimerAnd many other actors may be waiting for a chance to speak about their own decisions.

Source: The Independent

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