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Actress Radhika Apte recently spoke about how the new generation looks like they have plastic surgery. The actress, who talks about being comfortable in her own skin, compared those who go under the knife to artificial intelligence because of their cheek and lip enhancements. Radhika’s latest project is the Zee5 film Mrs. Undercover. Also Read: Radhika Apte says she has worked in films where scripts are changed at the last minute.

Radhika Apte was recently seen in Ms. Undercover.

While promoting the Anushree Mehta-led project, she spoke about her views on plastic surgery. During an interview, she was asked if she thought things had changed years after she called for surgeries.

Radhika told Pooja Talwar, “Plastic surgery is a big thing. Each person is really doing it for each other. Everyone literally looks the same. They look like AI, like big lips and cheekbones, whatever it is that I don’t know… they look the same, it’s weird. But, our filters, on Instagram and everything, are the same as well. They make humans look very AI. I don’t know, what is AI, I keep saying AI, but what I mean is like some sharp features and a little plastic, I don’t know…”

“I say this because I want to be happy, and any insecurity, whether it’s your job or your looks, gets worse the more you work at it. It’s the myth of ‘I’ll make it.’ ” she added, asking if the idea of ​​being comfortable in your own skin is fading in the industry.

She also expressed her condolences to those affected by the film. She said that films are taken seriously by the audience.

Meanwhile, Radhika will be seen in Mrs. Undercover alongside Sumit Vyas and Rajesh Sharma. She previously starred in Monica O My Darling opposite Rajkummar Rao and Huma Qureshi.