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Smile, one of the biggest surprise hits of the year, is available to stream now on Paramount Plus. Directed by Parker Finn and starring Sosie Bacon (Mare of Easttown), Smile was released in theaters earlier this year and has finally arrived for streaming.

Smile is based on Finn’s 2020 horror short film Laura Hasn’t Slept, and follows Dr. Rose Cotter (Bacon), a therapist whose world is rocked by witnessing the bizarre, inexplicable suicide of one of her patients. While recovering from this incident, Rose begins to suspect that she is being stalked by a malevolent spirit that appears to her in the form of both perfect strangers and loved ones sporting a leering, unflinching smile. Fearing that she will be the next to die, Rose sets out on a desperate search of a way to exorcise the demon before it claims her life.

The film has garnered significant commercial success since its theatrical debut in September, grossing over $210 million worldwide against Smile’s $17 million budget. Likewise, Finn’s debut has also earned its fair share of critical praise from a number of critics and various outlets, including Polygon’s own Tasha Robinson, who wrote in their review that, “As a writer-director, Finn seems to know that people might go to horror movies for different reasons, some more intellectual and some more emotional. Either way, he does an impressive job of making sure they’ll all come away satisfied, and at least a little shaken.”

Smile is available to stream on Paramount Plus.