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Chris Evans hasn’t been shy about Steve Rogers’ MCU return. However, the actor feels that it is too soon for the original Captain America to return.

During speech a Recent appearance on ABC Good morning AmericaEvans was asked how he feels about returning as Captain America. Evans reiterated that Steve Rogers wants the MCU to come back, but since the character is so unique, the story has to be right.

“Man, you know, as much as I love it. That was a special time in my life,” Evans said. “I am very attached to the character. That’s the problem. I look forward to it. To return, it must be for the right reasons, [and the] Right time. Heard very soon. Anthony Mackie is now Captain America. There are other stories to tell. We end on this good note for now. I was very worried about the shadows.

Evan’s comments seem to echo those of Steve Rogers’ return to the MCU earlier this month, when he told the crowd at C2E2 2023 that he thinks there are plenty of “Steve Rogers stories” but that a return “I don’t think is perfect.” Soon after he left, to his character.

The last appearance entered Avengers: EndgameAfter Rogers helps the Avengers defeat Thanos, they go back to retrieve the Infinity Stones they took from other universes. Instead of returning, he stayed in time, choosing to live his life with Peggy Carter and emerge as an adult at the end of the film.