Superman: Legacy officially begins production

James Gunn’s DC Universe The writer-director is making steady progress as he shares a big update. Superman: LegacyProgress.

To celebrate Superman’s anniversary, the acclaimed filmmaker has revealed fans’ first look at the DC Universe’s first blockbuster on Twitter. “I’m honored to be a part of the legacy and a better day than this [Superman Anniversary Day] To fully immerse yourself in pre-production [Superman Legacy?] Costumes, production design, and more are now in progress,” Gunn wrote. The message was accompanied by a front-page shot of the script with the film’s title and Gunn’s name as writer.

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After it was announced that Gunn was writing and directing the next live-action Iron Man feature, many fans were eagerly speculating about the nature of the project. As of this writing, details are still scarce if nothing is known about the narrative or the filming process. Despite many reports to the contrary, Gungun has confirmed that DC Studios has not yet landed on the actor to play Clark Kent, but promised fans that the actor they are looking for should be able to play the young version of the Kryptonian.

Concerns about the new Superman

Despite the excitement around him Superman: Legacy, many are skeptical of Gunn’s vision for Iron Man. Given his penchant for irreverent humor and anti-heroes, some fans worry that the filmmaker will not fully capture the essence of Clark Kent. Gunn promises Superman fans that the film will be different from his other superhero projects. Guardians of the Galaxy And Suicide Squad. “I learned a lot by doing it [the Guardians of the Galaxy] movies,” he said. “But Superman is like a Guards Movie. It’s really different.”

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He checked the gun Superman: Legacy It won’t be an origin story and will instead begin with Clark donning red trunks. “Superman focuses on balancing his Kryptonian heritage with his human upbringing,” Gunn explained. How this plays out in the narrative remains to be seen.

Superman: Legacy It is slated to hit theaters on July 11, 2025.

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