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By Doug Norrie
| Published

50 cent blood out

Did you know that 50 Cent and Val Kilmer shared the screen together at one point? Neither did we, but it definitely happened and the movie actually now getting a second life on streaming. That’s because Blood Out is one of the best-performing titles currently going on Hulu and it gives a different kind of look for both actors who made a somewhat unlikely pairing in this one.

Val Kilmer and 50 Cent star in Blood Out which went straight to DVD when first released

Blood Out, starring Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson and Val Kilmer, is an action-packed crime thriller that delves into the dark underworld of drug trafficking and revenge. The film follows the journey of small-town sheriff Michael Spencer (played by Luke Goss), who is determined to uncover the truth behind his younger brother’s brutal murder at the hands of a ruthless drug cartel.

val kilmer
Val Kilmer in Blood Out

As Michael delves deeper into the investigation, he discovers that his brother’s death is tied to a powerful drug lord known as Arturo (Val Kilmer), who controls the criminal activities in the area. Kilmer’s character is creepy and ruthless, something the actor hasn’t done a ton of over the years, but it completely works. Seeking justice for his brother, Michael embarks on a dangerous mission to infiltrate the criminal organization and take down the cartel from within.

In his quest for vengeance, Michael forms an unlikely alliance with a former gang member named Hardwick (50 Cent), who possesses intimate knowledge of the cartel’s operations. Together, they navigate a treacherous landscape of violence, betrayal, and corruption, all while risking their lives to bring the criminals to justice.

Blood Out is characterized by its gritty and intense atmosphere, showcasing the challenges faced by its characters as they confront a world of crime and danger. The film combines elements of action and drama, with some high-stakes confrontations and intense sequences that were trying to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson and Luke Goss

The whole thing is a bit convoluted and there are a number of moving parts that seem like they may have been taken from different flicks in the genre. That being said, while not without its flaws, Blood Out offers a blend of suspense and adrenaline-fueled moments that cater to fans of the crime thriller genre.

There’s a reason it is performing well on streaming right now. The performances of the cast, including Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson and Val Kilmer, contribute to the film’s overall tone and atmosphere.

Released in 2011, Blood Out went straight to DVD, a sign that the box office projections were going to be less than stellar. But it does provide a mix of action and intrigue as it explores themes of justice, loyalty, and the lengths individuals will go to avenge the ones they love.

It’s a film that captures the tension and danger of the criminal underworld, showcasing the efforts of those who are willing to risk everything to make things right.

Blood Out references the way for someone to get out of a gang once already embedded within the group

The title Blood Out references the way for someone to get out of a gang once already embedded within the group. There is a certain level of violence put forth toward those who want to call it quits, so to speak.

And as far as some of the main players go, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson and Val Kilmer wouldn’t often be thought of in the same sentences when it comes to their respective time on the big and small screen.

50 cent val kilmer
Blood Out poster

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, was known for his success in the music industry, but transitioned into acting with roles that often mirror his tough and gritty image. He gained attention for his performance in Get Rich or Die Tryin’ (2005), a semi-autobiographical film loosely based on his own life.

He has also appeared in action films like Home of the Brave (2006) and Righteous Kill (2008). More recently, he’s starred in the Starz series Power where he plays Kanan Stark.

Val Kilmer on the other hand is known for playing basically everyone from Doc Holliday to Jim Morrison to Ice Man. Westerns, biopics, and big-budget action flicks have all been within his iconic range. He most recently reprised the Ice Man role (albeit briefly) in Top Gun: Maverick. In later years Kilmer needed the aid of a voice box to speak following a bout with cancer.

For now, feel free to give Blood Out a try with it streaming on Hulu. Though it came out to little fanfare the first time around, it’s gaining a second life now.