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Promotional poster for Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

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Back in March, How did I write it? Mass effect 3 It served as a catalyst for the state of fandom today. When there are no fans with enthusiasm They’re mad at each other about what they love (and Everything else It’s gone) as if to become Only self-Sufficient understanding To know that they have a problem, but not self-Sufficient understanding To truly grow as a person. In this game of fandom and franchises, there really is no winner, and that’s especially true for the poor. Star Wars in the The Disney Age.

One of the three films that make up the Sequel Trilogy and showcases Disney’s inconsistent control of George Lucas’ sci-fi. A fantasy epic, it is. Star Wars: The Last Jedi Which enters the conversation a lot. It is now. Five years, but People can’t get Rian Johnson’s movie out of their mouths, and for a variety of reasons: either it’s part of a franchise. Very bold steps Until the day with the one you love Andor And Ahsoka Tano making a wise (and narratively convenient) conclusion to the departure of the Jedi Order; Or Where is the franchise? Really nosey And everything What follows is simply righting the ship Johnson managed to steal from a billion dollar corporation.

I looked carefully before writing this The Last Jedi, I haven’t seen it since, maybe a second or third time in theaters. While I still think it’s great, I think my opinion of Kanto Bite now stands at “good concept, well thought out but ultimately hokey execution”. most of the time, Star Wars (and the People involved in) He hears. That’s right. Actively take refuge in it A longing that lasts for decades, and mainly wants Playing with toys As people already know.

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Fig: Disney/Lucasfilm

When he is willing to leave the old situation –The mold that’s been established, you can see the promise of the entire franchise as we’ve seen it. Most recently with Andor. The same is true. The Last Jedi, It seems that he is trying to expand the scope Star Wars Beyond the cycles of bloodlines and factions, he delved into two separate trilogies and contested canons. Even if some of the places that get to that point don’t stand the test of time, if they do for some, the final core is sure to be strong and able to stick the landing.

But whether or not you’re on the alert for a movie that features characters trying to break out of cycles, that message doesn’t come through in real life. In fact, how much fire can not be explained The Last Jedi It is lit from below Star Wars fanbase, and how ill-equipped Disney was to handle the backlash that ultimately reached those fans’ pockets. Most of them Fans face their own level of difficulty to some extent.but the fusion of fandom a A device certified by the company, and when fans refused to tell bad actors to shut up and go away, a beast was created that would never go away. Things are looking up, at least Obi-Wan Kenobi, But to be honest, it shouldn’t have taken much. Harassment campaigns on him Actors (He was one of them Almost It is written next movie) to speak to Disney and protect his talent.

Just like with mass effect 3, It is difficult to see the consequences The Last Jedi And say that whoever is on the receiving end of the creation is a winner away from it. When Johnson found a new peacock series poker face and the The knives are out Franchise on Netflix, which seems to be at its own expense Star Wars The trilogy is burning until the end of time. Although the box office grosser ($1.3 billion) may be less than 2015. The power is awakened, But it is. (still amazing), Disney has spent years in a wonderful nostalgia A long war with Diminishing return And insisting that More movies It will be done, and then Not doing them. and its direct successor, The Rise of Skywalker, “Um, Really” he spends most of his working hours actively going The Last Jedi Character and plot beats read like Revenge over and over again—Or something with a very charitable reading Maybe it felt like a better idea in the concept stages.

Image for the article titled Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Fig: Disney/Lucasfilm

No one hopes Star Wars Talking becomes boring and conversations end up going nowhere. The Last Jedi Basically there are no at this point. We will never be free from the truth, this one Movie-All three sEqualitys, but this is especially so because of Johnson’s plot and character choices. It used to be aOnce something came out of the mix of people, it was possible to get out of everything and move on. But letting the past die is. It won’t be an option. Maybe in this age of franchises and nostalgia, this was always meant to be.

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